First of all I would like to begin with saying Thank You to all who have taken time to e-mail me with their contribution of BunkerArt, so far I am still amazed that even till now new BunkerArt appears on a regular basis. When I began the BunkerArt project and started the site in 2001 I thought I was one of the very few interested in this subject and soon I would run out of BunkerArt...

In the next few lines I would like to tell you a bid more about this project.

Having been interested in Word War II in general and German bunkers in particular it has been my hobby to visit and photograph bunker complexes in my home country The Netherlands but also during family- or special WWII trips with friends in other European countries.

Over the years I visited many complexes where I sometimes found bunkernumbers, technical instructions, slogans and best of all fresco's of the era. The more of these I found the more enthousiastic I got and tried to collect as much as possible. In 2001 taking a look at the existing bunkersites of the time I decided that creating a specialised site was of added value, so after choosing the name 'BunkerArt' the first version of the site was born...

At the moment BunkerArt is being supported by a large group of contributors from many European countries, without them the BunkerArt project would not have been possible.

My objective of the site is to collect and publish as much BunkerArt as possible, save it on photo for new generations and hopefully contribute to the preservation for posterity of this piece of WWII heritage in remembrance of all those forgotten artists who now fade into history. Secondly this site is meant as a reference site for fellow interested in the BunkerArt project. In order to achieve these goals BunkerArt.nl depends on you all, not only by sending me pictures but also in error reporting, ideas for further improvement, information and such.

Since 2001 a lot of new bunkersites and literature became available, even a specialised book on BunkerArt was introduced:

• Alain Durrieu - Des bunkers et des hommes (in French), ISBN 2-9521776-0-0

• Part two is now available! - La mémoire des bunkers (in French with English captions), ISBN 978-2-9533841-4-7


Thanks, J a n  B u e n i n c k

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