Art: Fresco's related to drinking and general.

What do soldiers do best besides fighting?
Lied der Infanterie!
Foot soldiers song and the trumpet Revielle!This is part of the beautiful restored bunker with a complete inventory and more BunkerArt!
Inside a 'Jägerstand St.Pt. Rotenstein', Vazon Bay, Guernsey, C.I., GB

photo's: SP

Paintings in an old foyer, Linselles, F. They were painted as a comic strip directly on the wall-paper of a tavern used by the Germans. Fortunally they were saved after the war!

photo's: AD

Zum Schwarzen Kater
Marines drinking pints at the black cat, inspired by the U-boast sign or a night-club?
logo: uboat-net

Cat times 3: the emblem seems to have originated from the famous U-48 but then it was used on many other boats as officers moved on

Inside a bunker used by the Kriegsmarine, La Rochelle, F

photo's: JF

 'Froh wie die Libell am Teich' (Frohsinn macht reich) is on old German song by R. Löwenstein - (1819-1891). So, don't worry be happy!
This bottle of Carlsberg can't be bought at your local store!

Er drinkt der Mann,

es sauft das Pferd
Bei der M.Fl.A. geht's umgekehrt!
a man drinks, a horse tipples, but with the marine anti aircraft unit it's the other way around!
a drawing with a text Deutsche Lieder next to it?

Inside fort du Corbeau, Brest, F

photo's: OT

Wer nicht liebt Wein, Weib und Gesang
bleibt ein Narr sein Leben lang
Who does not like a drink, women and fun
stays a jester his whole life long

by Martin Luther (1483-1546), a saying that first appeared in Wandsbecher Bote, 1775, then in the Musenalmanach, 1777, of Johann Heinrich Voss, who may merely have claimed Luther to have said it.

Inside a group bunker somewhere in the Cherbourg-East region, F, 07-2002

photo: SD

wer nicht liebt wein, weib und gesang

der bleibt ein Narr sein leben lang!
and below some details on the walls!

Inside a canteen somewhere on the Atlantikwall in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP and ES

Inside a little abbey used as a small field hospital close to Monte Cassino, I

photo's:  MM

Medieval scenes, but made by German troops...
Es trinkt der Mensch,  
es säuft das Pferd doch manchmal
  ist es umgekehrt

man drinks and horses drink heavily, but often it's the other way around

Ich darf nicht saufen: I may not drink:
a) vor der Verlegung before transfer
  b) vor dem Einsatz before action
c) am 21. Januar on January 21 st
  c) bis zur Rückkehr before returning
aber "abends immer!" but always at night!
 BunkerArt heaven ... do you want a drink?

Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in Holland

photo: HBP

... they don't come any better than this! Let's have another drink ...!

Inside a canteen somewhere on the AW in Holland

photo's: JdJ

Du hast mit deinem Rauschen
mir ganz berauscht den Sinn
 your noice has intoxicated me
Wer nicht liebt Bier und Gesang
Der bleibt ein Nar sein Leben lang
Who does not like a drink and fun stays a jester his whole life long
Böse Menschen haben keine Lieder
mean people don't sing

Freut euch des Lebens - So lang noch das Lämpchen glüht 

enjoy life, as long as the lamp is burning

two photo's: HBP

Es zogen drei Burschen ...
three lads went on their way ...
Im Wein liegt Wahrheit nur allein
truth lies just within whine
Wer niemals einen Rausch gehabt ... !
 who has never been drunk...
 Im Leben geht alles vorüber
everything goes bye...
Wer nicht bereit oder fähig ist
 für sein Da sein zu streiten,
dem hat die ewig gerechte
Vorsehung schon das Ende
fate has forever condemned those who are not willing or able to fight for there own place in time
... a drunken man resting against a lamppost 

photo: HBP 

Katzen Jammer
the cat keeps on trying but just can't reach the fish ... so never give up!
... so in general a song and a drink helps you to forget your worries ...





CHEERS! New year 1940-1941 and some more small drawings, medieval figures?

Inside an old mine used as an ammunition storage in the Gironde region, F

photo's: GL

Inside some bunkers around le Havre, F

photo's: DR

An other 3 great drawings related to drinking.... the soldier gets some beer for his comrades: Laß... Kein Karussel: Not drunk? The soldier can not sit up straight anymore... A drunken soldier fell off the bench singing, his girl friend does not look too happy...
a drunken German soldier after to much French wine... detail to the right. Below painted blinds next to the entrance defence and a landscape

inside a Flak bunker, Fermanville, Osteck Cherbourg, F

photo's: FC

And second to that some of them were real artists:

A nice view of ? and the classical Lily Marlene! The soldier and his girl friend at the gate of the army barracks saying good-bye!
Inside bunkers in Hanstholm (DK) and Toulon (F)

photo's: AD

Almost faded country views.
Inside a bunker R-502 underneath the college Keranroux, Brest, F

photo's: G.E.R.F.A.U.T. 29

Inside some bunkers, Stp. Heliotrop, St. Etienne-aux-Mont near Boulogne, F

photo's: G

Inside fortress Haerlem, Hellevoetsluis, 05-2012
Danzig ist Deutsch! The well-known Krantor gate in Gdansk, Poland. One of the most well-known sites in the city even today! Detail and the same view today to the left. The details are correct, see the old picture below!

Inside a now demolished barrack, camp Beauregard,  F

photo's: AD

great fresco of a guy playing the guitar for his girl-friend

Inside a Küver bunker, Bloemendaal aan Zee, NL

photo: ES

left: 3 naked men in 'Third Reich style' overlooking the sea  

left: inside the swimmingpool of Ordensburg Vogelsang, D

right: inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in The Netherlands

photo: HBP

right:  a nice winter wonderland!
Anschl. n. Bad Mergentheim 12.00 Gefr. Pschibert Kan. Brömling
connection to Bad Mergentheim 12.00 1941

Inside an old mine used as an ammunition storage in the Gironde region, F

photo's: GL

 Some officers celebrating x-mas? See the table with presents, burning candles and x-mas branches.

Inside a bunker in the Cap Griz-Nez area, F, 10-2006. After scaping off the chalk for 6 hours they succeeded in reveiling this large fresco!

photo's: JB/RH

what a great discovery!
a medieval party playing cards and a Bavarian style window...
inside one of the barracks in the old fortress in the entrance to the harbour of Cherbourg, F

photo: FC

Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in The Netherlands

photo: HBP

 a kind of spooky mural! This fresco was made in the fifties or sixtees for some kind of haunted house event!

Inside the Kriegsmarine Hospital Hardighen, Pas de Calais, F, 07-2005

photo: LJdV

  an other cat ... 

Inside a bunker somewhere in the Osteck, Cherbourg, F

photo: ER

 the silhouettes of two soldiers painted on the wall

Inside a complex somewhere on the AW in Holland

photo's: HBP

Die Welt is rund so as dit Rad

un ok son Knubbels und Spurren hat

a German sailor and his girl-friend ... he'll have to go!

Inside the former German officer's mess, MKB Nordberg, N

photo's: EE

 an other great barrack!

Inside a barrack somewhere in Norway

photo: ER

 a mermaid and a shield

Vf group bunker belonging to a Wassermann site, Cap Dramont near Frejus, F, 07-2003

photo's: AvB

 plenty of everything...a real Cornucopia! Look at the picture from a distance...  

Inside a bunker St.Pt. Ca-011, F

photo: BK

 Inside a group bunker of the channel-gun emplacements 'Großer Kurfürst', 4*28 cm. Cap Gris Nez, Pas de Calais, F, 05-2003
 photo's: AvB
 some desert scenes...probably made by German soldiers during Rommel's North-Africa campaig
 Inside the Brialmont fortress, one of the fortresses around Antwerp, B

photo's: PT

 the recreational area with all sorts of fresco's still existing today! Take a look:

 Inside the former Dutch fortress, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 05-1991, 01-2001, 12-2004

left: a medieval castle, probably Malbork, some soldiers and a sailing ship
below: one of the famous gun-bunkers of battery 'Lindemann'. Reconstruction by RO to the right.
 a  German soldier attacking an Allied tank with a 'Panzerfaust' and a lovely lakeview...
 a tree with weapons and a text in a German dialect...
Wo es Isen gift un Eiken wasst
Do sind ok Lue, de dobie passt!
 'Where there is iron and oaks-trees grow, there are also people that match with it'
 'Wo es Eisen gibt und Eichholtz wächst, da sind auch Leute, die dazu passen!'

It is said often Kriegs Marine soldiers from the south of Germany made these murals, following are some shields of German or Austrian provinces or cities.

the swastika has been scratched away!




 Austria: Tirol and  Oberdonau and Wien
 left: Province of Hamburg (?) and Schleswig-Holstein
right: crest of ???

left: Inside the command bunker R-636, Hirtshals, DK

photo: TS

right: Inside fortress Haerlem, Hellevoetsluis, 05-2012

two great fresco's showing the German alpine landscape

Inside a groupbunker R 622, Stp. Blücher, De Haan, B, 2004

photo's: TC

Inside an ammunition room inside the old French fortress Paris and Pontoise, in Cormeilles-en-Parisis, F

photo's: CL

  all kinds of 'Bavarian' style murals inside an observationbunker

Inside an observation bunker R 120, HKB Hirtshals, DK

photo: TH

 Inside a complex somewhere on the AW in Holland, 03-2002
 a night on the town and sign of the Marine Artillerie. (as seen in the Oldenburg, a reconstruction by RO to the right)
 a fresco of a 28 cm K5 gun firing! The famous Signal photo!
 Inside a groupbunker VF, Bruneval, Normandy, F, 04-2001

photo's: SD

 a room with a view!

some painted windows and a bicyclist on the wall...

 Inside a commandbunker 'R 636 Befehlsstand fűr Heereskűstenbatterie', Batterie Grande Gouin near Brest, F, 07-2002

photo's: LvdW

A fairy tale bunker ...  

Inside a bunker somewhere in the Stp.Gr. Zandvoort, NL

photo's: ES