Art: Small fresco's of swastika's, flags and eagles.

Swastika's and such: N.S.-Symbols in this section are shown for historical reasons only

On the inside of a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP

beautiful fresco, saved just in time, thanks hbp! But again a sad example of fading WW2 heritage!
left: the German helmet, dagger and oak leaf
right: the German Iron cross, hand grenade and again oak leaf
The famous 'Iron Cross 1st class'.

Inside one of the bunkers belonging to the Batt. Grosser Kürfurst, F

photo: BK

an other Iron Cross

Somewhere on the AW in France, 12-2004

photo: RB

the symbol with the German national colours, rather unique to see this symbol on the AW

Inside an emplacement for a 5 cm KwK R 667, Stp. Tu 01 Pointe d' Halguen, F  

photo: JFL

a swastika above the entrance defence

Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in Normandy, F

photo: BD

the tiles on the floor have a swastika inspired pattern ...

Inside the former canteen, Stp. Blei, Meulhouck, Pas de Calais, F, 2003

photo: BK

a sun wheel, swastika and:

Deutsch sein 


treu sein

Inside a bunker, Step. Koninklijke Villa, 't Zwin, border B/NL, 2003

photo's: BFA

A German knight from the great war, his sword at the troat of a Scotchman. Lying the beheaded heads of a Italian, French, Japanese, Russian and a man from Senegal.  By Heinrich Otto Pieper, XI, 1915
Former German officers mess Fort Napoleon, Ostende, B

photo: JB

A soldier holding the victory flag, two Knight's Crosses and Luftwaffe eagles. The text:
Mit unsern Fahnen 
ist der Sieg

 Inside a bunker somewhere in France, 2004

photo's: BK

a 'Kriegmarine' flag.

Inside a complex somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands, 04-2003

banner with an Iron Cross and a Knight's Cross. This must have been the original for the fake fresco inside the Todt IV (see my Todt page)

Souterrain d'Auberville, Falaises des Vaches Noires, F. Original to the left, 08-1993 situation to the right ...

photo's: DP

The German eagle, the 'Reichsadler'.

Inside a former German storage faciliy, Hesdin, F

photo: gendt62

rune symbol, German eagle, Nie Spange (?), death's head and again SS. But is this really authentic? I have my doubts...
Inside a R-600, Pte du Grouin near St. Malo, Brittany, F

photo: TO

 what a great fresco! Not sure about the symbolic meaning of it...
Inside a building on a former Luftwaffe base near Calais, F. Nowadays this does not exist anymore.

photo: CT

thanks Maurice!  next to the German eagle are two 'Laufbahn abzeichen'. They were usually worn on the arm of the uniform showing the speciallity of the soldier. To the left 'Flugmelde Laufbahn', right 'Technische Scheinwerfer Lehrgang (Küste)', with the chevrons 'Electrotechnische Lehrgang'. Rather strange, the chevrons usually indicate higher rank, in this case it seems to have an other meaning? But both apply to a radar station!
Inside a bunker Kriegsmarine radar station 'Greif', Lo 357 near Lorient, Brittany, F

photo: OF

a kind of minimal German eagle
Inside a bunker around Brest, Brittany, F

photo's: J

very sharp and well preserved Luftwaffe eagle!
Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands

photo: HBP

Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands

photo: HBP

Und dennoch werden wir siegen!

we will will in spite of all!

the eagle and a swastika
On the outside of a former German barrack near St. Nazaire, F

photo: JFL

Inside the fortress of Breendonk near Antwerp, B

photo: HK

the eagle and the SS oath: Meine Ehre Heisst Treue.
update, inside the former German officer's mess, 11-2011
Some amazing BunkerArt this time from the Maginot-line. Special thanks to Richard Klein for sharing these unique pictures with us! Visit his site: click here.

Inside some former German barracks, camp Bockange, Lorraine, F, 1991. These fresco's are now gone...the houses are now renovated. If the inhabitants only knew what was ones painted on their walls...

photo's: RK

all three can be seen on the wall to the right: Goering, Hitler and Raeder.
Inside one of the bunkers belonging to the Bt. Mirus, Guernsey, C.I., GB
photo's: RdB, update right: SP
an almost faded one to the left...

left: inside groupbunker on the AW somewhere in France, 08-2003

photo: DP

right: inside a gunbunker 'M 270 Geschűtzschartenstand (120')', Løkken, DK

photo's: MS

A swastika and text 'Tapfer u. Treu', in the 'Bereitschafsraum'. Mark the painted walls and the shape of the beds on the left...

Tapfer u. Treu
brave and faithful

Inside a gunbunker 'R 611 Geschützschartenstand für Feldgeschütze' Dinard, Brittany, F, 01-1989

photo's: PLL

Wir   kämpfen
fűr die Zukumft
 we fight for the future of greater Germany

Inside a MG bunker somewhere around Brest, F, 07-2002

photo: LvdW

the last one for now!

Inside Fort Montbarrey, Brest, Brittany, F, 10-2003

photo: RB