Art: Cartoons, funny texts, ships, cars, planes, women.

Cartoons or funny texts:
KOMM NUR! Come on! The confident German soldiers await the invasion, but the Tommy is trembling... both great fresco's are signed H. Feld '43.

Inside bunkers Stp. Die 09, Dieppe, F

photo's: AD

NAHKAMPF... close combat with your girl friend... KAMPFAUFTRAG: A Tommy trying to invade the French coast... maybe inspired by the Dieppe raid 19-08-1942.
Und ist der Geist Mensch,
auch noch so keusch laβ für mich
schlisslich auch nog
triumphiert etwas!
das Fleisch! Sie sagen.. ich
nature is stronger than the mind...
wäre.. bei mir..
leave something for me!

Inside a castle somewhere in France

photo's: AC


On the inside of a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP

On the inside of a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP

Humor "Minenbelehrung!"
ist, wenn man  Mine instruction! The NCO in front of his men.
trotzdem lacht
humour is just laughing in spite of everything
by Kurt Tucholsky, German writer (9-1-1890 / 21-12-1935) during the interbellum.

humor ist wenn

man -trotzdem-
~ lacht. ~
Inside a bunker near Hardelot, F

photo: JPG

Ruhe !


Nimm Rücksicht

auf deine Kameraden!


A nice cartoon inside a SK bunker, Port Louis (Lo 360), near Lorient, F

photo's: RB

Ein jeder Mensch hat einen... (vogel)

und auch ich

everybody is a bid of al fool, the same goes for me!

From the German saying: 'Er hat einen Vogel', which means he has a screw loose...

Inside the former Dutch fortress, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004

Inside a bunker somewhere in the Festung St.Malo.

photo's: PC

officer shouts: Mädchen! Mach doch auf
Girl! open up...
on a board left: Restaurant zum Hexe
Rest. at the witch, it's a brothel!
below left: Der nächtliche Tanz- Auszug
the Nocturnal dance means sex all night long!

Wende den Spiegel nicht,

Deine Schwiegermutter liebt die
 Neugierde nicht!

Do not turn the mirror around, your mother-in-law does not like curiousness

Die Panzersperren der Ehe.

The obstacles of marriage

Bergsteiger =





herrgott ist das

Unterfw. Fritz


eine Höhe!



mir wird schon


climbing the career mountain: N.C.O. Fritz

al last he gets his promotion after a long climb on the career mountain! At last, I am getting dizzy!

soldier: Bitte um einige Kartoffeln für die Feldwebel!
chef: "Hab'n wir nicht!" "Rauss!"
  "Wie immer!"
Please some potatoes for the Feldwebel!

We do not have any, get out! As always!

  a little soldier...

an explosive gift...

"Spieß sein Motto,




kotz mal Otto!"


 Not every Kriegsmarine sailor is a good seaman:

the motto of the Spiess: throw-up Otto!

fish: Otto!, ?

Soldier: Hallooo!
Topless lady: Richard! Cherry!
  Hast du keine 100 Frk.
für das Paradies!
I'll take you to paradise for a 100 Fr.!

two photo's: PLL

an other lady from the fourties...

Dinard, le 15 fevrie 1944

Liebe Yvonne!   Einer   Hallo!
Ich trage Dein Bild nur  




am Herzen.  



Dein Otto.

Dear Yvonne, I only carry your picture to my heart! Otto. The mouse sees the picture of an other woman Yvonne in his back-pocket and is very surprised!   one of us is crazy...   Hello George!


'eine Bunkerwaschfrau!'

a soldier's wish!

a bunker washing lady!

the complete picture, some details below: ...einer spinnt immer! Achtung Schn...? Vorsicht Sch..fen!
Inside a groupbunker 'R 622 Doppelgruppenunterstand', St. Pt. 109 'Dűsseldorf', Cap Blanc-Nez, Pas de Calais, F, 1997

photo: JM, photo's below: SD

right photo: AvB
...bis 10 Uhr im Bette zu liegen...
n Immer nur lächeln. n

10.9 - 15.12.44

11.12.44  22.01.45
8.12 - 12-5.45
l: Vf bunker on a former German airfield somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands, 03-2003

photo: PA

r: museumbunker (Fl 243) of Frederikshavn, DK, 08-2001

photo: TL

Jeden Tag besoffen ist auch

regelmaßig gelebt!

drunken everyday is also a regular life!

this is humour!

Nord, Süd, West

Daheim am Best!

No place like home!

l: Vf bunker, Bruneval, Normandy, F, 04-2001

photo's: SD

r groupbunker, Bt. Oye Plage, Gravelines, Pas de Calais, F

photo: LvdW

Ships, cars, airplanes...:
two sailing ships, detail to the right

Inside the former Dutch fortress Fort Vechten near Utrecht, NL, 5-2011

Sailing ships such as the Sch 243, drawing by 'van der Plas-Scheveningen, N Mink Zn, M Gestel' (?). Inside the anchor chain: Seemansglück 1416 - 1291. The fortress was also used after the war to house Dutch collaborators... so made by?
a sailing ship...

Inside a bunker in the hospital complex Heinlex, St. Nazaire, F

photo: CMAW

a Teutonic windjammer...
Inside the fire-control post of the 'Batterie Lindemann', type 'S-100 Leitstand für schwere Batterie', Sangatte, Pas de Calais, F, 06-2001

photo: GL.

a great drawing of the Gneisenau?

On the inside of a barrack, Florvaag, island of Askoe, N

photo: ML


Somewhere on the AW in France

photo: TO

a sinking ship after hitting a mine or being torpedoed a plaquette of a sailingship on the outside of a former office.

gez. Putensen

Inside a complex somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands, 03-2002

photo: AvB

top: Sd.Kfz. 232 heavy armoured car (communications) with 2 cm KwK and antenna on top in Norway! See the Oslo 10km sign.

bottom: StuG. III ausf. G command vehicle in a desert  scene.

So German victory from the North cape to the desert!

Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP

top: overview

bottom: details of bomber planes


Inside a bunker on the former phoney Aalter airfied, B, 04-2009

photo's: TC

a Junkers Ju 52 'Aunt Ju' transporter Focke Wulf 200 Condor attacking a freighter on the Atlantic 
The victorious Luftwaffe in North Africa... ...and during the Blitzkrieg after a raid by Stuka's!

Somewhere on the AW in France, 07-2004

photo's: BK

left: Allied vessel under attack by FW 200 C

Some additions

photo's: RdG

5 German planes of the era clockwise: Bf 109, Fw 190, Junkers 88, Blohm & Voss 141, Fieseler 156 Storch
Somewhere on the AW in France

photo's: RdG

Gestern und heute!

yesterday and today!

Great drawings inside a Vf bunker on a former German airfield somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands, 03-2003
 photo's: FvW

French made silhouettes on an instruction board of famous German warships and planes of the time. Prinz Eugen, Deutschland, Gneisenau, Dornier, Heinkel...

Somewhere on the AW in France

photo's: ML

left: a Heinkel He 111 and a Spitfire, right: Dornier Do 17

Somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands

photo's: HBP

great fresco

Radar station Anton, Escoublac, F

photo: AD

is there any more text hidden? Every soldier's wish is to go to the 'Heimat' and embrace his girl-friend or wife again!

Inside a bunker Stp. 188 Schlesien,  Ledquent, Pas de Calais, F

photo: J

details: some hidden texts... an other dream girl...EINE KLEINE URSULA... natürlich nicht als model!

Some additions...

photo's: RdG

to be able to sing better than Eduard! A soldier looking at a picture of his girl friend...
Willst Du die Vaterschaft

a soldiers's girl-friend writing: Will you be the official father?

Inside a bunker somewhere around Le Havre, F

photo: DR

A cabaret! Beine höher!

Inside an old mine used as an ammunition storage in the Gironde region, F

photo: GL

 A typical lady of the '40 smoking and listening to the radio... and dancing the tango!

Inside a radarbunker 'V174 Unterstand für Funkmeßgerät, Hirtshals, Dk

photo's: TS

the ultimate woman! Every soldier's dream ... almost an American pin-up!

Inside a bunker somewhere in the Osteck, Cherbourg, F

photo: ER

Es sprach der Weise...
Was bist du schön, ein Zeitvertreib...

... doch ohne ...

how beautiful you are ... you are my favourite waste of time...a poem!

Somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands

photo's: HBP

Inside one of the gunbunkers, Batt. du Brulay, Fermanville, F

photo's: FC, right: AT

The drawing to the far left was not finished, but the female anatomy was captured anyway!  Soldiers head and an other nude woman. Update: See the 2011 to the right!
... and again.
left: inside a barrack in the old fortress in the entrance to the harbour of Cherbourg, F

photo: FC

right: inside two open FLAK emplacements FL 243/L 401, MFB rfprinz, V.B. Den Helder, NL, 04-2005
left one authentic, right one not?
a drawing on the wall inside this room (a brothel?), mark the text to the left.  Verboten ...

Inside the former Dutch fortress, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004

does not she look lovely, was she just a soldier's fantasy ...?

Inside a AA bunker Fl 242, M.K.B. 11/504 Fjell outside Bergen, N

photo: EE

a couple for ever dancing the the forties, a woman called Viola and more, inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in Normandy, F

photo's: BD
for ever staring at us...who was she?

Somewhere on the AW in France, 06-2004

photo: BK

and other lady's...
Inside a groupbunker 'R 502 Doppelgruppenunterstand', St. Pt. Adolf near Bray Dunes, Pas de Calais, F, 2000

photo's: DP

a pin-up with 'Blutgruppe B',...
 inside a H.Q. bunker 'R 608 Batl., Abt., oder Reg.-Gefechtsstand eingeschoßig', Gris Mont, Pas de Calais, F, 1996

photo's: DP

two not so well preserved drawings, but nice anyway
left: Inside a 'M 152 MARineKOmmandostand', Wn 79 'Otter', H.Q. M.A.A. 244,  Bleriot Plage, Pas de Calais, F - right: Inside a groupbunker, Audierne, Brittany, F, 2002
photo's: BK/SD
a lovely girl...who has just seen a hair-dresser  and a soldier and his girl on a bench
left: Churchill?

a night out: a soldier escorting a woman, later that evening dancing...

Inside a groupbunker, M.K.B. Selbjörnsfjorden, N

photo's: EE

does not she look great? This wine-girl has not aged a day since the forties...

Inside a 'R-610 Gefechtsstand für eine verstärkte Komp.', Sondervig, DK

photo: PH

a mysterious face on the wall, painted inside a bathroom. Originally drawn with a pen
Inside a commandbunker 'L 404 Unterstand mit aufgesetztem Befehls I-Stand für schwere Flak', L'Orillois, Dinard, Brittany, F, 04-1988

photo: PLL