Art: Small- and miscellaneous drawings, non-German BunkerArt.

Small and sometimes almost faded:
Through the ages: Soldiers and women: 1800, 1900 and 1943

Inside bunkers belonging to Stp. Langenberg, Guernsey, C.I., GB

photo's: SP
a couple kissing with an eagle on the look-out, the German helmet and a heraldic scene with a crest and medieval weapons

Inside the former Dutch fortress Fort Vechten near Utrecht, NL, 5-2011

Popey(e) The Sailorman
Popey in uniform
The castle of the black knight, the drawings were made by?
The fortress was used after the war to house Dutch collaborators... an ironic 'WELKOM' above the entrance to one of the cells

 Inside a recently demolished building, Festung Hoek van Holland, 2010

photo's: AvB

some almost faded figures of soldiers?

Inside a Vf-bunker, somewhere in the Festung IJmuiden, NL, 09-2004

a very tiny drawing...

Inside a groupbunker somewhere in the Netherlands

photo: ZBP

Comrade Stalin, post war?

On the inside of a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo: HBP

Urlaub! R & R!
Krieg Wache Ruhe war watch rest

On the inside of a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP

wer kommem wierder, wer wollen ihn nicht hassen schweine
we will be back, we do not want to hate you swines

On the inside of a bunker in The Netherlands

photo: HBP

Deutschland Führer
'hier hab' ich gesessen
und nachgedacht
wie hat mich der Teufel
nach Frankreich gebracht'
Here I sat and wondered, how the devil had taken me to France

On the inside of a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP

a romance dating from 4-7-1942 ... B. Sch. JP.1945, also post war?

On the inside of bunkers somewhere in The Netherlands

photo: HBP

Inside the old fortress nr 3, Antwerp,B

photo's: BFA

winter wonderland and Santa Claus? Are these drawings really authentic?
Napoleon, see his right hand inside his overcoat!

Mieux les prussiens

a Boulogne,

comme les perfides anglais!
it's better to have the Prussians in Boulogne than the English perverts! And a soldier smoking a pipe.

Inside a commandbunker R-117b, Stp. Heliotrop, St. Etienne-aux-Mont near Boulogne, F, 08-2005

a group of soldiers drinking a local drink? see the name Uxem on the bottle!

a man holding a ...

radio? madame Radio geht ...?

Inside an ammunition bunker R-134, Stp. Brassen, Leffrinckoucke, Pas de Calais, F, 2005/3

photo's: BFA, below: BK.

a calendar in German: 15 Tagen habe ich gesessen? Someone kept a record of a 15 day period, perhaps he was in detention? Could have been: Jan or Oct 1943.
an old man writing a letter with a feather and the old city-gate ('Zuidhavenpoort') in the nearby town of Zierikzee. This last one is probably authentic.

Inside old corridors and a R-638 small dressing station 'Kleiner Sanitätsunterstand', Stp.Gr. Schouwen, Haamstede, NL 

photo's: HA

the beginning of a small drawing ... or is it post war?

a small face, painted with the same paint as the surrounding texts so German

Movie theatre of the former Dutch fortress, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004

photo: RB

Open FLAK emplacement FL 243/L 401, MFB Erfprinz, V.B. Den Helder, NL, 04-2005

photo: PD

a soldier's face and ...?

Inside a Vf shelter, somewhere in the St.Gr. Oostvoorne, NL, 03-2005

a soldier and his girl on the beach, while a rabbit is watching them?

Inside a groupbunker R-502, Wn 51H, 's Gravenzande, Landfront Fasting Hoek van Holland, 11-2004

left: a chair with ?

right: a blue decoration with a word? authentic?

Wovon kann der Landser 
 denn schon träumen!

a girl on a sofa and ... ?

Inside a Küverbunker, M.Fl.B. Süd-Ost Wn 92, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 01-2005  

photo's: LJdV

.... a real small drawing of a flower and a peacock

Inside an SK bunker and the former Dutch fortress, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004

... and a very fine drawing of a small village made with a pencil ...

Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in Normandy, F

photo's: BD

Ach, Max, musst du denn

die dummen Ruder immer halten


"Hörst du nicht, wie mein Herz von Liebe schlägt?"

"Ich denke Fritz, es wäre dein Armbanduhr!"

Inside a Vf-bunker, somewhere in the Festung IJmuiden, NL, 2002

 photo's: AvB

Tolle Frau-

kan vor funf Uhr-

leider ... ?

es ist so schön Soldat zu sein...


Über die Gefallenen
dieses Freiheitskrieges
wächst unsere grosse
Ihr seid nicht um-
sonst gefallen!
       We stand firm in spite of all violence! So the proud Viking withstands all!
A German eagle, a sword with the German helmet and a date and some small drawings and texts ... Vorsicht! Schwi ... t!

Inside a groupbunker near the museum on Utah beach, Normandy, 08-2003

photo's: DP

Inside a bunker somewhere in Belgium, 2003

photo's: BK

some figures in charcoal, very vulnerable but nevertheless still in place!
the one to the left made after the war by allied troops? Why not join a cracked rest.? A.T.S.
a drawing of a radar on top of the bunker, it looks authentic.
 Inside a 'L 485 Unterstand  fűr Mammut', Wissant, Pas de Calais, F, 05-2003

photo's: AvB

a drawing of a German soldier's head...both in chalk and pencil

left: Inside a 'R 120' near Mont de Sombre, Pas de Calais, F, 05-2003

photo: AvB

right: Inside the former Dutch fortress on fortress island, 'Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden', NL, 01-2001

Branstall (?)

Inside a Wellblech, Renouville La Fossette, Cotentin, F

photo's: DP
several small pictures, accordion player...  
Inside a now demolished bunker, 'Festung IJmuiden', NL

photo's: HH

Non German BunkerArt: These small drawings, inscriptions or fresco's are not really a part of German BunkerArt, but these remnants are also a unique memento from the past keeping the memory alive to the unknown men who once applied them:
Ver-sur-Mer, Normandy, F, 06-2013.
No 1 and No 2: Indicating the direction to the first and second small hospital ward.
GOOD OLD M.O. (Medical Officer) HE IS HUMAN.
HERE'S TO THE A.T.S. (Auxiliary Territorial Service) I DRINK TO THEIR HEALTH ......
These relics were left behind on the walls above a small chapel created by Canadian Engineers a few days after D-Day on the grounds of the HQ of the 120 L.A.A. (Light Anti Aircraft) Regiment Royal Artillery created in the former Orts -kommandantur!
Names (?) and a small drawing
Directions to the Crepon assembly area. The double T is an additional formation badge 50th infantry division. For the assault on Gold beach the 86th Field regiment was placed under command of the 50th division, which was originally raised in the North East of England. The two T's represent the main rivers of the erea, the Tyne and the Tees.
FF 40 FF55
repainted after the original
Two absolutely great propaganda drawings made by Sovjet troops in more recent days: Mother Russia with missiles and two Sovjet soldiers

Inside the 'Burschener Schleife', ammumagazine for PzT. 3, Ostwall, Pl, 06-2007

The bay of the nearby town of Morlaix was utilised by the US Navy during the summer/autumn of 1944 for unloading in the Morlaix harbour. It is said that some of these men transformed the former R604 into a bar.

Inside a R-604, Mo 81, Pen al Lan, Carantec, Brittany, F

photo's: OD

WIE MET EEN DRONKEN MAN TWIST Who argues with a drunk
BELEDIGT EEN AFWEZIGE! offends the absentee.
MAAR VOORAL IN ZULKE GEVALLEN, WAARIN HIJ in the army, specially in cases when
ONGELIJK HEEFT. DIT MOET DE MINDERE ALTIJD he is wrong, this should always be
ONTHOUDEN, DE MEERDERE ALTIJD VERGETEN. remembered by the subordinate.
DRINKEN, DRANK, BEDRONKEN To drink, drank, drunk.

Inside the former Dutch fortress Fort Vechten near Utrecht, NL, 5-2011

Soldier's humour is universal!
Join the Navy!
Je Maintiendrai
I will prevail, slogan of the Dutch monarchy
Koninklijke Marine
Royal Navy

and some nice small drawings

Inside a small canteen, Wn 45H, Festung Hoek van Holland, NL, 06-2006

some wishes in Czech and a British Cromwell tank, made by Czech soldiers shortly after the war

Inside a H.Q. bunker 'R 117 Battalions- oder Regiments Gefechtsstand', St.Pt. Arnika, Ghyvelde, Pas de Calais, F, 1994

photo's: DP

left: a star, looking rather 'allied'. Some remnants of post-war occupation can be found inside the bunker, so probably not authentic
left: inside an a groupbunker ' R 621 Gruppenunterstand', Le Lomer south of Pte. du Halguen, Brittany, F, 08-2002

photo: PLL

right: inside the castle of Asnelles, Normandy, F, 08-2003

photo: DP

right: British drawing showing the German positions Wn 37 on the evening of D-Day, June 6, 1944
SEPT. 6. 1944
K 76375
Rfm. Court Ed ...

Canadian 'graffiti' inside a Vf bunker, Minedor, Pas de Calais, F, 05-2003

photo's: AvB

Small inscriptions:
On the walls of the Caen castle, Caen, Normandy, F.

photo's: BD

MÄRZ 1941
1 8 40
19 German eagle 41
Br. Rieger
12 . 6 . 41

On an old farm-wall belonging to a chateau somewhere in the North of France, 06-2005

A ... D ... (?)
13 parachute Battalion 
Clifford Douglas qualified as a paratrooper at Ringway, near Manchester, England 3-3-1944.  Unfortunately that's the limit of my info so far, the only living C. Douglas in Courtenay nowadays is a Christine Douglas ...



F.S. belonged to the RAOC

 2.9.40 ENGLAND
was H. Helm a German?
W.G. 1940
DE / GAM / (?)


BELGIE 24-6-43

They appear to be pre war British (the RAOC), made during the war by Belgian workers (?) and German soldiers as well as post war inscriptions made by British- and Canadian parachute troops.

The RAOC: this was the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. This was a support service, they were amongst other things responsible of supplying ammunition etc. to the front line. They went everywhere with the British Army and were in the B.E.F


with iron crosses and a
scratched away swastika
H.H. Heil Hitler?
a scratched away swastika and an iron cross
a swastika
Eh ...?


Gefr. Herrman Esk. Würtabg. Res. Drag. Regt. Gefr. Weber
Lembeke den 13. März 1917
Gefr. Streicher
Inside a MG bunker from WWI, Eeklo, B, 11-2011
Miscellaneous drawings:
right: a drawing of 'Sovjet style' soldier made by Armenian troops serving as Osttruppen

Inside a bunker in the Slotbos, Haamstede, Nl

photo: JL

a hockey player, a horse, a soldier, an elephant and a giraffe ... are these authentic?

On the inside of a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo's: RV

a fighter plane and a war scene ...
Wacht am Kanal: The German soldier on guard, even a very small one!

Stp. Heliotrop, St. Etienne-aux-Mont near Boulogne, F

photo: BK

Die Nacht  
ist nicht allein
zum Schlafen da...

And in full!

Great drawing inside a Vf bunker on a former German airfield somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands, 03-2003

photo: FvW

two German soldiers dated 1944

Inside a fortress around Metz, F

photo's: S

a soldier's head and the initials AG? silhouettes of the men who worked in this shelter?

Inside a Vf shelter, somewhere in the St.Gr. Oostvoorne, NL, 03-2005 

all slightly different from eachother...

I know ,,, it's not a very good picture!
MAI 1940
and a nice sailing boat and seagull

left: inside the former Dutch fortress, Festung Hoek van Holland, NL, 05-2005

right: inside a groupbunker 'R 622 Doppelgruppenunterstand', Bt. Oye Plage, Gravelines, Pas de Calais, F

photo: LvdW

a nice framework for?
 a soldier running...his equipment is clearly visible!
left: inside the commandbunker of the Batt. Oldenburg, Pas de Calais, F, 07-2002
right: inside a Vf bunker H.K.B. 63/977 Nordheim, N

photo: EE

why a sailor inside an Army Coastal Battery?
left: a guy shaving

right: a soldier and his girl are going 'zur Clause'.

Inside a searchlight bunker 'L 411 Werferstand fűr 60 cm Scheinwerfer', Rømø, DK

left photo: JP, right: HH

Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in France, 07-2004

photo's: BK

a circus inside a bunker! mark the word Circus written to the left...

...does this mean it is authentic? 

an other painted window and some...modern art?

Inside an ammunitionbunker  R 607, Bt. 'Ida', Carriere du Roualias, F

photo's: LvdW

a soldier with a bottle and a glass drinking wine and some soldiers jumping...

Inside a former German recreational facility on the Dutch coast

photo's: AWN

should be something like this

a map op Central-Europe showing the 'Groß Deutsches Reich'and the  Generalgouvernement (the part of occupied Poland not taken into the Reich, now western Belarus with the city of Bialystok, Brest-Litowsk, Kobryn and of western Ukraine with the towns of Kowel, Luzk, Rowno... Romania in the south. Painted by Osttruppen coming from these countries, and there were many of them in the region during 1943/44.

Inside a Vf, Mo 81, Pen al Lan, Carantec, Brittany, F

photo: OD

2 swallows painted on the wall

Inside a kitchen-bunker 'R 645 Stand für 1 Küche', 'H.K.A.R.' Blåvand, DK, 07-2003

photo: AvB