Art: inscribed symbols.

All kinds of N.S. symbols: N.S.-Symbols in this section are shown for historical reasons only
BERLIN   Berlin city crest with names of Osttruppen of Hungarian origin
SZEGED Horváth: family name
István: given name
Szeged: Hungarian city, county town of Csongrád County

1943.XII.1.: Hungarian date form (year, month, day)

Fort entrecastaux, Marseille, Südwall, F

photo: C, forum Südwall

a swastika and the date 19+41, sad to see the deterioration...
Side entrance to the redoubt of Fort Lapin, Stp.  80 Pinguin, Bleriot-Plage near Calais, F, 06-2002, update 2009

photo's: JM and D

  a V for Victory (also used by the Germans...) a swastika, AW (?) and 1940  

On a house used by Germans during the war, Normandy, F

photo: C

On one of the buildings on Port Fitou, Südwall, F, 09-2008

photo: HA

a swastika and the date 1944
a swastika and the text Heil Hitler, great finding!

On a bunker Stp. Zollhaus, F

photo's: BK

Swastika and MAI 1943

Inside a Rs 65a bunker for 5 cm KwK at the Gossen airport, N

photo: EE

'Kriegsmarine Art', MKB 3./512 Lyngen, N

photo: EE

the well-known flying grenate, the symbol of the German Marine Artillery
1940 and a swastika

Carved in a mountain close to the Kjevik airport, N, 2006

photo: EE

On the edge of a open gun emplacement, Stp. Tu 21, F

photo: JFL

a rune symbol
1943 and a swastika
Inside a bunker somewhere in the Osteck, Cherbourg, F

photo: ER

On the inside of a FLAK emplacement Lista, N

photo: EE

a swastika above the entrance of a tunnel

H.K.B. Signalen, N, 2006

photo: EE

A stone at the entrance to 'M.K.B. Vigdel' near Stavanger, N

photo: EE

1940 Norwegen
Fr. Wind swastika and V-sign? P. Schillfahrt,
19 41 18.7.41

Inside one of the buildings,Stp. Gi 307, Bt Reichenberg, V.B. Gironde-Sud, Soulac, F, 08-2005

photo: AvB

Deutschland muß leben


wenn auch wir sterben


I. Battr.

Centre of the open gun emplacement

Batt. Merville, Normandy, F, 06-2004

photo's: NO

Details, 06-2010




Above the southern entrance to radarcomplex, "Knickebein" K 10 Sortosville, Cotentin, F

 photo: ER

Canons, a swastika and a date: May 1944

Above an entrance to a little shelter, MKB 3/506 Lökhaug, N

photo: CH

On one of the bunkers belonging to Batt.Scharnhorst, HKAR 1265, Guernsey, C.I., GB, 07-2002

photo: RdB

'Sudetenland', a swastika and 1942
Carved into the concrete:
left: on a bunker belonging to a AA- (FLAK) position
right: at the entrance to an ammunition storage tunnel, H.K.B. Bokn, N

photo's: EE

it was a very rainy day ... the 'Marine Artillerie Mechaniker' symbol, two crossed gun barrels.

On the outside of an old Kriegsmarine building, Huisduinen near Fort Kijkduin, V.B. Den Helder, NL, 01-2004

Some more friendly symbols...
an Italian inscription. Two crossed gun barrels and ..? Symbol looks like the 'la Fiamma' symbol of the Italian Carabinieri, MP?

On the outside of a bunker,  l'Aude, Südwall, F

photo: PV

Above the entrance to an MG casemate, Wn Piratenschloß, Alderney, C.I., GB, 2004

photo: AvB

an 'Edelweiss'
the head of a horse, symbol for?

On a gunbunker Gonneville sur Mer near Cabourg, Normandy, F

photo: BD

On one of the bunkers belonging to Batt. Ferme Lebeque near Dunkerque, Pas de Calais, F, 02-2004

photo: BK

did the horse-shoe bring the men of this bunker any luck?
On a recently excavated tobruk:

2 horses, one has a giant erection ...and the construction date 1942

 M.K.B. Longues sur Mer, Normandy, F

photo's: BD, BK