Camouflage: one with nature...

Lovely Somua tank turret on a tobruk camouflaged with rocks and observation post.

Südwall, St. Pierre sur Mer, F, 8-2011

Rocks on a Ringstand 58c and a well hidden bunker being part of a rock nearby!

Südwall, Narbonne Plage, F, 8-2011

Small observationpost well camouflaged with real rock!

Plage de la Palue, Crozon, Brittany, F, 05-2008

This time not real rocks, but cement as an imitation... beautiful!

Gunbunker H671, Stp. Lgm 008 Batt. de Romandils, Languedoc, Sudwall, France

photo: D

The real thing: rocks placed in the cement during casting

Gunbunker M272, MKB Fort Carré, Wn 035 5/MAA 615, Collioure, Südwall,France, 04-2007

 and gain, very well preserved!

Observation bunker, Pointe des Espagnols near Brest, Brittany, F

photo: RB

on a FLAK 37 emplacement, Agay, F, 07-2003

photo: AvB

rocks as building material and natural camouflage

R 612 HKB Laverdon, twice HKB Rove, MKB Cavallas all west of Marseille, F, 2004

photo's: ER
a make belief rock...
'Jägerstand Stp.Pt. Rotenstein', Vazon Bay, Guernsey, C.I., GB

photo's: AvB

a natural way of camouflage using rocks from the beach on the outside of the bunker
Antitank bunker 'R 631b Schartenstand für 4,7 cm Festungspak (t)', 'Stp.' High Tower, St. Brelades bay, Jersey, C.I., GB,  05-1998
Isle of Cézembre, St. Malo, Brittany, F

photo: PLL

on an observationpost
and again, this time on a tobruk
Isle of Cézembre, St. Malo, Brittany, F, 08-1995
photo: PLL
On a bunker 'VF' (Verstärkt Feldmässig), Porspoder, Brittany, F

photo: LvdW

and more rocks as camouflage!
some rocks on top of the bunkers, notice the loop-hole on the backside caused by the narrow piece of land
On one of the gunbunkers 4*16.4 cm, Batt. Kerbonn, Pointe de Pen-Hir near Brest, Brittany, F, 06-2001

photo: PLL

A 'R 105 MG-Kasematte', Aber Vrac'h, Brittany, F, 09-2001

photo: PLL

camouflaged with rocks, the armour plate has gone...
camouflaged with even more rocks...

Somewhere on one of the Channel Islands, GB

photo: DdZ