Camouflage: by means of plaster.

what a marvellous sight!

Stp.  MAR 184 MKB 6/611 Croisette Fort Napoleon near Marseille, Südwall, F

photo: FF

plaster added to the concrete outer-walls of the bunker, this time only some spots. Mind the nice rain water gutter above the entrance.

back side of a R 612, 'Schartenstand für Lande-und Sturmabwehrgeschütze ohne Nebenraum', Cap Couronen, Südwall, F

photo: ER

and completely!

front of the same bunkertype, Anse de L'Arnette, Südwall, F

photo: ER

Agde beach, Stp.Gr. Agde, F, 07-2004

photo's: AvB


A R 612, 'Schartenstand für Lande-und Sturmabwehrgeschütze ohne Nebenraum', WN Luise, Grand-Fort- Philippe, F, 07-2004

bunker for enfilade fire, 'V.B.' Bayonne, Labenne-Ocean, F, 08-2002
very well kept layer of plaster

on a gunbunker, Portsall, Brittany, F

photo: PLL

Vf entrance to underground corridors, Le Croisic, Mont Lenigo, F

photo: LvdW

...and again very neatly!
a small but very nice observationbunker with a nice coat of plaster
on a bunker near Stenbjerg, DK, 05-2002

photo: RdB

and on some larger bunkers...

on a gunbunker R-671, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004

on a gunbunker R-670, Fort du Talud near Lorient, F, 07-2004

a fire control post, detail to the right
S-414 'Leitstand für mittlere und schwere Batterie', M.K.B. Schev. Nord 4*15 cm, 'Stp. Gr. Scheveningen', NL, 12-1998
and the gun bunkers, this is nr. 1, details to the right. Why the red brick-work? (covered with plaster)
Gunbunker nr. 2 of the same battery, again 'R 671 abg 629

photo on the right: DdZ

Different patterns in the plaster can be seen to the right, mostly used in dune regions with some grass vegetation nr. 4
two more examples, very well preserved
 Left: again 'R 671 SK', M.K.B. Wijk, 4*15 cm, Right: 'M 272 Geschützschartenstand', M.K.B. Heerenduin, 4*17 cm 'Festung IJmuiden', NL, 12-1986
almost perfectly preserved!
On a gunbunker 'R 669', Bt. Merville, Merville, Normandy, F         

photo left: LvdW

a thick layer of plaster/asbestos, detail to the right
Building on the back-side of an open gun-emplacement, Batterie Auderville-Laye, 2*20.3 cm. railwayguns, Westeck Cherbourg, F

detail, photo's: LvdW

a nice bunker indeed!

groupbunker R 668 ' Kleinunterstand für 6 Mann', Wilhelminapark Utrecht, NL, 09-2003

and on a tobruk
Tobruk Grande Cote, F

photo: LvdW

on a tobruk, Stp.Gr. Cayeux 05-321, F, 08-2003

photo: BK

an other good example. not that common on a tobruk!
patches of plaster
on a gunbunker 'R 612' Veules les Roses near Dieppe, F

photo: LvdW

on the outside of a machinegunbunker 'R 630' St.Pt. Tre 08, Le Tréport near Dieppe, F

photo: LvdW

detail of the air intake on the outer-wall
what about this? Blending into the rock's with added on concrete...looking like magma!
on the outside of a 'R 636', H.K.B. Ogna, N

photo: EE

M.K.B. Bismark, Haugesund, N

photo: EE

a nicely camouflaged K.W.K. and observationpost
looking very sick...
outside of a 'S-449 Peilstand', Bulbjerg, DK

photo: DdZ