Camouflage: by means of design meant to fool the eye...

left: camouflaged as a house, a roof with tiles

a gunbunker R 669, Stp. Sa 114a and a SK radarbunker, Stp. Sa 106 both on Noirmoutier, F

photo's: JFL

attached masonry with even windows!

PAK casemate for 7.5 cm, type 626, Mean next to the Point de St. Nazaire, F, 07-1999

 photo: LvdW

Vf-bunker 4,7 cm. PAK(t), H.K.B. 17/967, Bud, Norway 

photo: EE

a bunker camouflaged as a farmhouse
rests of roof-tiles indicating the bunker was ones camouflaged as a house 

On a gunbunker 'R 612 Schartenstand...', Quineville le Havre, Wn 106 on Utah beach, Normandy, F, 08-2003

photo: LvdW

Groupbunker 'R 622 Doppelgruppenunterstand', St.Pt. Brassen, Leffrinckoucke Village, Pas de Calais, F, 06-2003

camouflaged as a house
and again, some remnants of red paint can be found on the outside, traces of ochre on the front
Gunbunker 'R 671 Schartenstand für Geschütze auf Mittlere Sockellafette (120')', St.Pt. Döbel, Uxem, Pas de Calais, F, 06-2003
not a real 'bunker', but very nice anyway: a hangar looking like a barn!
Gunbunker 'R-669', Batt. 6/AR 18, St.Pt. Hecht, Loon-Plage near Dunkerque, Pas de Calais, F, 02-2002
left photo: RdB

A 'Wärmehalle' (hangar) on the former 'Fliegerhorst Deelen' near Arnhem, NL

photo: RVo

Both camouflaged as a house, the two on the left also have some traces of painted windows and a St-sign!
Gunbunkers 'R-671', St.Pt. Dorade, Coudkerkque-Branche near Dunkerque, Pas de Calais, F, 04-2002

  photo's: RdB

a funny looking prototype gunbunker 'missing the backside'
Gunbunker 'M 270 Versuchstelle Nord', H.K.B. 538, St.Pt.Gr. Blavand near Esbjerg, DK, 07-2001
all bunkers  looking like a (ware-) houses
'R 621 Gruppenunterstand', 'R 636 Befehlsstand für Heeresküstenbatterie'Gunbunker,  'R 671 Schartenstand für Geschütze auf Mittlere Sockellafette (120º) ohne Nebenräume', 'Stp. Gr.' Thyboron, DK

Photo's: MS

the ultimate: a command bunker looking like a gigantic house with brick-walls and a sloped roof with roofing-tiles

on top of the 4.0 m. thick roof of the bunker the Germans made a very nice sloped concrete structure in order to support the prefab concrete plates and on top of that the roofing-tiles. FLAK positions on top of the roof

In the 'Seyss-Inquart bunker', 'Stp.Gr. Scheveningen', Den Haag, NL, 06-2000
...this time from Norway a command bunker...
Commandbunker SK (based on a 636), H.K.B. 23/978 Marka, N

Photo: EE

Groupbunker 'R 622 Doppelgruppenunterstand, isle d'Oleron, F

photo: LvdW

a groupbunker looking like a house incl. windows, doors and a roof
this time as a churchtower, mostly these bunkers were also painted as a camouflage
Commandbunker 'Hochleitstand M.K.B. Oye Plage', Les Dunes D'Oye, Pas de Calais, F, 08-1984
Observationbunker 'M 10', La Moye, Jersey, C.I., GB, 05-1997
an observationpost disquised as an onion seller....sorry, as a house, the roof has gone
almost not visible anymore...just mark the tobruk!
A 'R 669 Schartenstand für Feldgeschütze' or is a villa with a tobruk to keep the burglars out?

photo: LvdW

two observation posts, hardly recognizable as a military object, but both were originally build by the Germans
left: a tower in Brignogan Plages near Brest, Brittany, F, 05-2001, right: a tower near Cancale (Pointe du Grouin) near St. Malo, Brittany, F, 08-1995

photo's: PLL

camouflaged as a house with a fake front on top
One of the gun-bunkers M-270, 'Batterie Behncke, 4*17 cm, Fort de l'Eve near St. Nazaire, F, 08-2001

left photo: LvdW

camouflaged as a warehouse to smoke fish, look at the shape of the chimneys
Gunbunker 'R 631 Schartenstand für 4.7 cm Festungspak (t)', Roscoff, Brittany, F, 06-2001

photo's: PLL

And on some anti-tank walls:
an imitation gunbunker incl. loop-hole in an anti-tank wall
Panzermauer type U-12 Landfront Stp. Gr. Scheveningen', Den Haag, NL, 12-1998
trying to brake-up the shape of the anti-tank wall
Panzermauer type M 19?, 'Landfront Stp. Gr. Katwijk-Noordwijk', NL, 01-1987
5 cm KwK and MG-tobruk directly on the waterfront

Plage des sables, Concarneau, Finistere, F, 04-2002

photo: SD