Camouflage: painted on the inside and wall-papers.

Camouflage in the entrance itself!

Inside a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo: PD

Wn 220H, De Punt, Goeree, NL, 11-2012
In the entrance to one of the ammobunkers, Batt. Crasville, Normandy, F

photo's: AT

Some more examples. Poland

Inside a 501 in Pisz and a 501 in Koziol, Poland

photo's: AvB

The Netherlands

Inside a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo: HBP and author

grey and green on the walls of the entrance to some bunkers in a forest

Entrance to a groupbunker 'R 502 Doppelgruppenunterstand' and a 'R 134 Munitionsunterstand I' in the 'Bataillonsgefechtsstand (H.Q.) of the Stp.Gr. 'Spg. Schouwen', Slotbos, Haamstede, NL, 01-2001

some more examples of the same complex, all R 134

left: dark grey and yellow inside

right: even red and grey sloped exactly where the inner wall starts

large patterns in yellow

Camo in the entrance to a night-fighter control bunker L 479, Gi 305 Ratibor, Soulac sur Mer, F, 08-2005

photo: AvB

l: Mark the well-preserved camouflage! Unique picture: this bunker was opened very shortly for the first time since the war

Inside a groupbunker R-501, WN 104 H 'Heesterhof', Stp. Gr. Oostvoorne, NL, 11-2002.

Entrance to a bunker in the same region.

right photo: AvB

well preserved!

At the entrance of a covered trench, Stp.Gr. Oostvoorne, NL, 04-2005


Inside a switch board bunker R-616, Bp 185 Stp.Gr. Katwijk, NL, 03-2004

.. and again! Including the old style number!

8702 E.H. 499 


Inside a groupbunker R-501, Wn 53H,  's Gravenzande, Landfront Festung Hoek van Holland, 11-2004

... and again including the number and St text!



Inside a groupbunker R-502, Wn 51H, 's Gravenzande, Landfront  Festung Hoek van Holland, 11-2004 

right photo: PdK


69, Hirtshals, DK

photo: MS

Hospitalbunker 'R 661 Unterstand fűr Verwundetensammelstelle', Hirtshals, DK 

photo: MS

well preserved!

Entrance to a Vf hospital, Wn Graue Häuser, Alderney, C.I., GB, 2004

photo: AvB

Entrance to a a machinegun bunker 'R 623 MG Schartenstand mit Vorsatzplatten', 'Landfront V.B. Vlissingen', NL, 10-1989

the sloped yellow and white inside of the entrance, also mark the text 'Eingang' and bunkernumber 021-154

and again incl. the bunkernumber

Entrance of a R 656 groupbunker, Pz. Stp, Hafen Ostende, B, 03-2007

Inside the gunroom of one of the gunbunkers battery 4*15 cm, Batt. Holtzendorff, Pnt. de St. Mathieu near Brest, F, 06-2001

photo: PLL

Groupbunker R- 622, Vejers
Munitionbunker R- 134, Lyngby 
Searchlightbunker Fl- 277, Hanstholm 

photo's: MS

Inside a 107a in Pisz, 105a Koziol and a garage in Pisz, Poland

photo's: AvB

Painted inner walls and wall-paper:
Nice flowers!


 Inside a bunker somewhere in the Festung Brest, F
photo: G.E.R.F.A.U.T. 29 
Internal decorations
  Inside a Vf kitchen, Wn 10, Dunes De Varreville, Utah beach, F, 08-2012
photo's: AT 
Some flowers in a vase and a crest of ...?

Inside a bunker in the hospital complex Heinlex, St. Nazaire, F

photo: CMAW

Inside several bunkers somewhere in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP

2 l: Vf groupbunker, Wijk-aan-Zee, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 05-2005 - r: Vf shelter, St.Gr. Oostvoorne, NL, 03-2005


Inside a AA bunker L 401, Stp. Höhe 145, Alderney, C.I., GB, 2004

photo: AvB

outlines of ? in the gas lock

a double line on the canteen

a flower inside a circle?

All inside a groupbunker, 'R 502 Doppelgruppen unterstand, Batterie Auderville-Laye, 2*20.3 cm. railway guns, Westeck Cherbourg, F, 08-2003

photo's: LvdW

flowers and the names of many girls ... Marianne ...
Inside a small guard house close to the V-143, Digulleville,   Normandy, F, 08-2003

photo: LvdW

Inside the souterrain, Butte de Houlgate, Normandy, F, 2001

photo: DP

an underground corridor

all rooms were beautifully painted: this 502 was in use as battery H.Q.

yellow and red with a blue line in the observation-room, right: white and grey in the gas-lock

The inside of a groupbunker 'R 502 Doppelgruppenunterstand', 'Stp. Groede' near Breskens,NL, 06-2001

and again the painted wall-paper...
Inside a gunbunker 'L 409 a Unterstand mit aufgesetztem Geschützstand 2/3.7 cm. FLAK', radarcomplex 'Biber' Stp. XXIII HL, Oostvoorne, NL
photo: AvB
The crew-room of a group-bunker 'R 628 Gruppenunterst. am Vorderhang', Etel near Lorient, F, 07-2001 
photo: PLL
white/black and yellow...
and the colours...white/green and red...

Inside now demolished bunkers, Festung IJmuiden, NL

photo's: HH

Some details:
unique, never seen something like this pattern!
Inside a groupbunker R621, Av 36, F

photo's: JFL


Inside several bunkers somewhere in The Netherlands

photo's: HBP

nice flowers!

Inside a canteen, Nz 308 near St. Nazaire, F, 05-2005

photo's: JFL

Tyles! a very lifely stove using all kinds of local tyles! The one to the right was made inside a lazarett building

Inside a kitchen building and lazarett , Stp. Pechnelke, Le Portel near Cherbourg, F, 08-2005

great! A real Escher lived here ...


All inside bunkers somewhere in the Festung Brest, F

photo's: BD


Inside a 'Bettung' for a 220 mm gun somewhere in Brittany, F, 2003

photo's: DP

looks like a kitchen to me!

and some nice flowers!

Inside a Vf, St. Cecile Plage, F, 03-1999

photo: DP

Inside a groupbunker, Festung Hoek van Holland, 10-2003

photo: BBF

wall-paper finish and a nice blue line...

Inside a group bunker of the channel-gun emplacements 'Großer Kurfürst', 4*28 cm. Cap Gris Nez, Pas de Calais, F, 05-2003

photo's: AvB

Looks like Dutch tulips!

Inside an MG bunker R 515, Pointe de Portzic, Brest, F, 08-2002

photo: LvdW

Inside a Vf-groupbunker, Mt. St. Frieux, Pas de Calais, F, 04-2004

this time masonry inside! A kitchen?

Inside some barracks of a former Luftwaffe training site, Predefin, F, 04-2004

photo's: BK

... and even more flowers and leaves ...

Same location, 06-2005

Inside a MG-Stand, Stp 139 Hamme, Pas de Calais, F

photo: BK

Inside one of the gun emplacements, Batt. Mirus, Guernsey, GB, CI, 06-2004

photo's: RdB

) other example of the use of outlines of leaves

Inside a SK bunker and the former Dutch fortress, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004

Inside a bunker somewhere in the Osteck, Cherbourg, F

photo: ER

... dancing figures ...
some more silhouettes of leaves...

Imside a artillery observation- and group bunker R 120/622, HKB Soendervig, DK

photo's: TH

white and green imitating wall-paper in the crew-room,

Inside of a observationbunker 'R 120 artillerie-Beobachtungsstand mit Panzerturm', H.K.B. 538, St.Pt.Gr. Blåvand near Esbjerg, DK, 07-2001

white and red in the commander's room

yellow / grey with a double red line in the entrance of a AA-bunker . All 'bunker colours' in this complex were painted directly onto the concrete

'L 409 a Geschützenstand für 3.7 cm Flak', 'Flugabwehrstellung Küste' of the same Stp. Gr.

photo right: AvB

left and top right: white / grey with a single red line in the crew-room

right: yellow with a blue line and small items in the close combat defence

in fact anything was possible depending on the artistic skills of the painter! Take a look at this well-preserved piece of art incl. the steel door type 19 P 7 and ventilation tube inside a groupbunker 'R 622 Doppelgruppenunterstand', Funkmeßstellung 'Büffel' of the same Stp.Gr.

come in! St-sign to the left

'R 622 Doppel gruppen unterstand', Soendervig, DK, 08-2003

photo's: AvB

nice line!

R 610 Gefechtsstand, Agger, DK

photo: MS