Camouflage: painted on the outside.

just paint!
On the Todt front of one of the gunbunkers M170, Gi09 Gironde Nod, F

photo's: JFL

combination of carvings and paint!

Gunbunker M272, MKB Drammont 5/MAA 627, Wn RAP 29 Alpenveichen near St. Raphael, Südwall, F

photo's: FX

Gunbunker SK MKB Cap Gros et la Mauresque, Wn 039 4/MAA 615, Port Vendres, Südwall, France, 04-2007

These bunkers were camouflaged extensively, traces of nets, paint, rocks in the concrete... details of the colours used to the right
notice the thick layer of cement and paint

On the outside of a 105a in Koziol, Poland

photo's: AvB

as natural colours as possible resembling the natural surroundings
On an observationpost 'R 120 Artillerie-Beobachtungsstand mit Panzerturm', Hirtshals, DK

photo: BH

On a bunker somewhere in Norway

photo: ER

well preserved!
... and again!

Ringstand for a 3.7 cm KwK under a copula, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 04-2005

photo: RB

On a tobruk, Blåvand, DK, 08-2003

photo: AvB

yellow patches
red and yellow in an area surrounded by dunes
Machinegunbunker 'R 58 c 80 cm. Büffelstellung, Blåvand, DK  
photo: MS
Ammunitionbunker 'Batterie Straßbourg', Jarbourg, Guernsey, C.I., GB 
photo: AvB
again yellow and red
what intense and well-preserved colours!
Entrance to a 'R 676 Kleinschartenstand für 4.7 cm. Festungspak (t)'
Entrance to a PAK-garage
Tjelta, N

photo's: EE

plaster and very well kept painted camouflage!

On a bunker R10I, Bietscheid (Westwall), D

photo's: ER

front-left: red and yellow on the outer walls, right: yellow/black stone pattern on the back-side
Gunbunkers 'R 650 Schartenstand für Geschütze auf Mittlere Sockellafette (120º)', 'Heeresküstenbatterie Azeville' 4*10,5 cm, Carentan, Normandy, F

yellow / red

AA bunker L 409 a, Büffelstellung, St.Pt.Gr. Blåvand near Esbjerg, DK, 08-2003

photo: AvB

Backside of the command-bunker 'Batterie Behncke, 4*17 cm, Fort de l'Eve near St. Nazaire, F, 08-2001
this is the only bunker in the region with well-preserved remnants of camo-paint, this is the entrance
 Gunbunker 'R 642 Schartenstand für 4.7 cm Festungspak (t) und MG', Pleurtuit near St. Malo, Brittany, F, 05-2001      

photo's: PLL

left: the MG side, right: the PAK side

A rare bunker, only 5 build on the entire A.W.

the paintjob was very well done: camouflage/numbering and St-signs all well preserved on these bunkers.
  On the entrance to an ammunition bunker 'R 134 Munitionsunterstand I' in the 'Bataillonsgefechtsstand (H.Q.) of the Stp.Gr., 'Stp.Gr. Schouwen', Slotbos, Haamstede, NL, 01-2001
  On the outside of the U-boat bunker La Rochelle, F, 08-2001

Entrance to a power station belonging to 'Knickebein-Stellung K11', ones equipped with a 40 m. antenna, Lanmeur, Brittany, 10-2001

photo's: PLL

some brown/yellow left...

On a 'R 112 Stand mit 6-Schartentkuppel', Stp. Gr. Breskens, NL 

photo: AvB

In the corridor of a 'Vf 2A' bunker, Guisseny, Brittany, F 

photo: DP

grey/green in the corridor

grey in the entrance

Entrance to a 'R 502 Doppelgruppenunterstand', Goeree, NL, 03-2002

photo: AvB

Entrance to a 'R 668 Kleinstunterstand fűr 6 Mann, Landfront Le Havre near Fontaine-la-Mallet, F, 04-2002         

photo: AvB

yellow in the entrance

red and green in a forest
On the outside of a command bunker somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands, 03-2002
red and white, the last pieces are falling off...
the bunker was ones completely covered with plaster which was painted brick-red. Even fake white window-frames were painted!


red and green in a forest
H.Q. bunker 'R 608 Batl.-, Abt.-, oder Reg.- Gefechtsstand', 'Festung Hoek van Holland', Staelduinsebos, NL, 01-2001
a side-step: some remnants of camouflage, a number (2) and the divisional sign of the 12 th Pz.Div. on a well-preserved tank turret coming from a Pz.Kfw.38 (t). Placed on a tobruk Rs 241 12 th Pz.Div.

Landfront Stavanger, Forus, N

photo: EE

the same turret and Tobruk, the number (514) and national symbol (The 'Balkenkreuz') are still visible. See all pictures on 'panzerturrets in Norway'. The Balkenkreuz

Landfront Stavanger, Malmheim, N

photo: EE

Painted facades of houses:
camouflage could not only be done by patches of paint but also by painting things like windows or bricks on the outer walls. Even the curtains were carefully painted! During the war the bunker had a sloped wooden roof...
On a telephone bunker, 'W.N. Carmen', 'Landfront V.B. Vlissingen', NL, 05-2001

an example of painted on bricks and a small window

 On a groupbunker 'R 621 Gruppenunterstand', 'Landfront V.B. Vlissingen', NL, 05-2001
again the brick, during the war the outside of the whole bunker was painted this way!
On command-post 'Esther' H.Q. Grenadier Regiment 732, defender of the sector K.V.A. A2, a 'R 177a Bataillons- der Regiments Gefechtsstand', Stp.Landhaus Westkapelle, B, 06-2001
detail: the bunker was excavated in 1997, that is the reason the paint-job from the first floor down is well preserved. The paint-job was done by a Dutch painted, he painted the text in a Dutch/German mixture.

'Stp. Groede' near Breskens, NL, 06-2001

R 134S hospitalbunker: the bunkers on this complex were all camouflaged with painted on bricks, windows, windowsills. Note the bunkername 'Moselland' with grapes and the sign 'St' WIJNEN und SNAPS in stead of WEINEN und SCHNAPS (wines and liquer)
some more examples on a R 501 and a R 134 photo's: HBP and HA
update 11-2011
entrance to the left, detail of the masonry. One's the complete bunker was camouflaged with masonry and fake windows ..

ammobunker Fl 246, Verteidigungs- stab, Stp.Gr. Scheveningen, Den Haag, NL, 11-2003

an opened door ... still opened after some 60 years and very well kept!

On a bunker somewhere on the AW in Belgium, 08-2003

photo: BK

On a SK communicationsbunker, De Panne, B.

photo: BK

remains of a painted window ...
traces of windows...

On a gunbunker 'R 611 Geschűtzschartenstand fűr Felldgeschűtze', St. Pt. Hötzendorf, Westkapelle, NL, 04-2002

photo: LvdW