Instructions: showing the painted field of fire of the gun.

Dora Cäsar Berta Anton
E-2-97 E-2-95 E-2-98 F 3 05
S-49-80 S-46-5052 S-20-5059 S 11-6040
700 600 600 400
Inside a heavy MG stand, Wn 220H, De Punt, Goeree, NL, 11-2012
Firing directions for the MG: Several sectors indicated with names, I can only guess the rest: E indicating the 'Entfernung' and S indicating 'Strich'?
A circle with a radius of a 1000m has an outline of 6280m, the next round number was taken: 0 or 6400 'Strich' to be the North. The distance to a goal is: the dimensions of the object * 1000 * ... 'Strich', for more info visit this link.
Again several angles
Inside a S449, Stp. Roland I, Römö, DK, 08-2010
photo's: JP 
 Firing directions inside a H69 Mortar/MGTobruk, Wn 10, Dunes De Varreville, Utah beach, F, 08-2012
photo's: AT 

Coming from an unknown bunkertype, Utah beach museum, Normandy, F, 06-2004

different landmarks and data

Inside a Michelmannstand somewhere on the AW

photo's: PF

The complete line of fire with all relevant landmarks with distances.
Inside a Vf PAK-bunker south of Stavanger, N

photo: EE

The complete line of fire with all relevant landmarks with distances and angles.
Inside a gunbunker for a 10.5 cm gun St. Helier, Jersey, C.I., G.B., 05-1997
Inside a 'FL 243 Schwere Flakstellung' on Fano near Esbjerg, DK

photo: MS

update, photo: TH

Fixed targets inside a bunker on Pen Bron near St. Nazaire, Brittany, F

photo's: MV

Sperr.f. Raum IJ
Sperr.f. Raum II
Seezeichen, the beacon
Leuchtturm, the lighthouse
the beacon: distance (Entf) 1400m, the sector (Teilb) is 5610 Strich
the lighthouse: Entf. 950m, Teilb. is 5560 Strich
nice churchtower at 2550 m., house at 1720 m. and a light-house at 1675 m.
 Inside a 'R 612 Schartenstand für Lande- und Sturmabwehrgeschütze', Franceville la Redoute, F

photo's: PT

The complete line of fire with all relevant landmarks with distances (repainted after the originals)

Inside the tobruk battle-headquarters 'R 608 Batl.-, Abt., oder Reg.- Gefechtsstand', W.N. 17 , Colleville, Normandy, F, 08-2001
<= a long time disappeared beacon on the seafront

shape of the Etel semaphore demolished 1945 =>

Inside a 81 mm mortar tobruk, Etel near Lorient, Brittany, F, 07-2001

photo's: PLL

Inside a measuring post 'S 449', MG-bunker 'R 681, top of a AA-bunker 'L 410A' and again the 'S 449' Rømø, DK
photo's: MS
240  260  280  300  320  340 120 ... 200 ... 300 (?)  550 ... 640 ... 380
click here for a reconstruction of the war-time view of the harbour  of Lorient including the UBB as seen from the bunker

Inside a machinegunbunker R-630, Dönitz's H.Q., Kernevel, Lorient, F, 07-2004

Inside 671 SK's, M.K.B. 'Vineta'  4*15 cm (Stp. III M.), 'Festung Hoek van Holland', NL, 01-2001 and 03-2002

photo's: AvB and author

Bunkereingang 80m
Straßenknick 120m
Panzerm. 260m
Juliane 1250m
Gunbunker 2 right
Panzermauer 300 m
Südmole 2650 m
Nordmole 2200 m
Schornstein 184 m
Panzerm. 180
Gunbunker 2 left
Bunker Nordmole 415 m
Südmole ===  m 2630 m
Panzerm. 115 m
Nordmole 2180 m
Drahtvernau 60 m  
Schornstein 170 m
Gunbunker 3 left
Weg 70 m
Straße 180 m
Mast Juliane 1270 m
Drahtvernau 190 m
Gunbunker 3 right
Bunker 470 m
Panzerm. 324 m
Südmole 2850 m
Straße 120 m  
Panzerm. 200 m
Nordmole 2150 m
Gunbunker 4 left
Drahtvernau 195 m
Mast Juliane 1270 m
Straßeknick 260 m
Gunbunker 4 right
thanks to AvB's athletec skills!
WC 440 m
Mu ? 1050 m 22'
Strohdachh. 510 m
Kmdr. Haus 660 m 29'
Haus Distal 830 m
Ziegelst. ? 35'
Feldpost 600 m 37'
Turm Monster 5100 41'

inside two 'R 612's Schartenstand für Lande- und Stürmabwehr- geschütze ohne Nebenräume' of the same complex, 03-2002

thanks to AvB's athletec skills!
Mülde 2000 m
Zahnstation 380 m
Kirchhofverw. 590 m
Wache 320 m
Wehrmachtheim 980 m
Häuser 960 m
painted on the floor the angles of fire, same complex as above

 open gun emplacement Batt. Merville, Normandy, F

 photo: BJ

an other example
this is the aiming circle for the gun. A total of 9 plates with each 40 marks makes a total of 360 degrees. Navy directions.

open gun emplacement M 158, Granville, F, 08-2003

 photo: LvdW