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great colours inside the copula indicating the fields of fire

Inside a R '634 Stand mit 6-Schartenturm', Stp. Tu 21, F

photo: JFL

Inside a R 644 Stand mit 6-Schartenturm in 'A' Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004
and again!
Sometimes a compass was painted on the ceiling of the observation or fire-control post as a decoration...
Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in France, 07-2004

photo: BK

Inside a Vf bunker, Wn 78, Festung IJmuiden, NL

photo: RP

... or inside a Vf ...
Inside a bunker somewhere on the AW in Normandy, F

photo: BD

Inside a 'R 636 Befehlsstand für Heersesküstenbatterie', Batt. St. Barbe near Saint Jean de Luz, F

photo: JS

....5 examples
  Inside a Vf command bunker of M.K.B. 7/503 near Flekkefjord, N

photo: EE

FP XII: means Festepunkt XII. By means of 2 'Festepunkte' and a so called 'Minenpunkt' the position of a minefield was indicated. The 'Festpunkte' and the 'Minenpunkt' formed a triangle of which all sides had the same lenght. For more info visit: this website in Norwegian or this in Dutch.

Foundation of a barrack, H.K.B. 33/979, Hisöen, Norway

photo: EE

The 'skyline' of the entrance to the harbour of Brest. The M 182 is unique: only 1 build on the entire A.W.!
 Shelter for a searchlight 'M 182 Seezielleuchtstelle',Batt. Holtzendorff, Pnt. de St. Mathieu near Brest, F, 08-1991
All angles inside the observation room, mark the flap where calculations could be made
Inside the former Dutch fire-control post, 'M.K.B. Vineta' 4*15 cm, 'Festung Hoek van Holland', NL, 03-2002