Instructions: in use to aim the gun

Treue ist das Mark der Ehre: by now a very well know text!

Firing istructions for the 4,7cm PAK and S.M.G. (heay machine gun)

Inside a bunker somewhere on the H.K.L. Festung Brest, F, 01-2014
photo's: G.E.R.F.A.U.T. 29.

Inside a covered Ringstand for 5cm PAK, Südwall, Narbonne Plage, F, 8-2011

All kinds of small instructions and distances....
the silhouette of a Churchill tank including their weak points ...

Inside a Vf for MG, Maisy le Casino, Normandy, F, 08-2005

photo's: MB

the different compass directions are marked in yellow on one of the bunkers. In the other in white, notice the fact that first a small mistake was made ... (below). Even some remnants of the degrees painted inside the copula can be seen in white!

Inside two L 13's with 857P08 armoured turret, airport Merville, F, 06-2005

























the complete circle was dividend into 12 sections of 30 degrees each. Some including the names of certain landmarks and their distances

Inside an open emplacement FL 242, MSB Westduin, Stp.Gr. Scheveningen, Den Haag, NL, 2004

photo's: HBP

Mole 1
1960 m. 30·
pier 1960m
520 mtr.
Luftwaffe radar bunker 520m
910 mtr.
chimney 910m
Kirche 4
1320 mtr. 120·
church 1320m
1480 mtr.
lighthouse 1480m
Gerät Anton 7
950 mtr. 210·
Marine radar bunker V 143
what a difference compared to the old situation! all names inside the open gun emplacement starting with 'O'. Are they just fire directions?

Batt. Crisbecq, Normany, F, 06-2004

several angles in red

On a AA bunker 'L 410 Geschützstand für 3.7 cm Flak', Rømø, DK, 05-2004

photo: HH

several landmarks and distances/angles?

In an open emplacement,  Batt. de Gavres, Lorient, F 

photo's: JFL

what were they used for?

 On gunbunkers R 671, H.K.B. 538, St.Pt.Gr. Blåvand near Esbjerg, DK, 08-2003

photo's: AvB

190     200

On an open gun emplacement, Festung Hoek van Holland, NL, 10-2003

photo: BBF

Inside an infantry observationpost somewhere on the AW in DK

photo: PH

very well preserved!
marks used for aiming the gun
Inside a 'Ringstand' for a 50 mm K.W.K., St. Pt. Adolf near Bray Dunes, Pas de Calais, F, 1997

photo: DP

Inside the gunbunkers 'R 669 Schartenstand für Feldgeschütze (60°) ohne Nebenräume', Bt. 'Ida', Carriere du Roualias, F

photo: LvdW

    Inside a gunbunker 'M 176 Geschützschartenstand (120º)' Marineküstenartillerie 'Stützpunkt Requin/Rest Adler', 4*138mm, Stp.Gr. La Coubre', Gironde, F, 08-1995
Sperrfeuer: ...
Hoch 280 Rot 475
Nefenfeuer 8
150 Schüss 3 Feuerstöβe
in 120 Sek, Standvisier.
The Vorsatzplatte inside the Kampfraum of a MG bunker

photo: CMAW

Landes Sperrfeuer auf ganze Rat ?
Front für ... H...
A-Z+ Zeit Striche L...
I Schuss X 14 300
II Schuss X+4 13 300
III Schuss X+10 13 301
IV Schuss X+. 13 300
V Schuss X+. 13 290

In two gun bunkers, WN Luise, Grand-Fort- Philippe, F, 07-2004. Reconstruction by RO to the right.

N.F.P. 2905 d.m.a.
F.Str. 2900 m.a.d.
is this autentic?

In a bunker, Stp. W6H Bulle near Royan, F, 05-2004 

photo: JFL

Sperrfeuerraum Netze. Marke N.
Entfernung 800 m.
2 Kampfsätze a 6 Schuss.
Sperrfeuerraum Weichsel. Marke W. 
Entfernung 500 m.
2 Kampfsätze a 6 Schuss.
distances to two landmarks: Netze and Weichsel

Inside a SK PAK bunker, Le Conquet, F, 06-2003

photo: RdB, right one author 2006

Sperrfeuer "Süd"
12 Sc
4.Odg.AZ.v.GR.  mr.  ? Lib.300 Teilr. ?
1 Sperrfeuerwelle = 12 Schuss in 2 Min.
1 Kampfsatz = 6      "     in 1   "  .
1 Feuerüberfall = 1 Kampfsatz in 1   "  .

Inside a bunker for a field gun R-611, Wn Lo 16 Kerhope near Lorient, F 

photo: JFL

thanks to Hans Hoevens for the explanation of the abbr.!
Schuss mit Zt.Z.S/30: Zeit Zünder 30 s
Detonator with a fixed time delay of 30 sec
EKZ Elektrische Kopfzünder electrical detonator
Pzgr Panzergranaten armour piercing
Üb.Rot  escho tracer colour: red
LG Leucht Geschoss light emitting grenades

Inside an open FLAK bunker, Lo 305 Moustoir Flamm near Lorient, F

photo's: JFL


Inside a 'Bettung' for a 220 mm gun somewhere in Brittany, F, 2003

photo: DP

  Inside a fire control post 'M 162a Leitstand fűr leichte Seezielbatterien', Løkken, DK

photo: MS


SMG 34
Ein Kampfsatz = 150 Schuss
Auf Sperrfeuer zu verschiessen
2 Kampfsätze = 300 Schuss
heavy machinegun MG-34
firing instructions

Inside a machinegunbunker R-630, Dönitz's H.Q., Kernevel, Lorient, F, 07-2004

1 Spf. 300/min.
barrage 300 rounds/min.
Inside a FT-17 copula armed with a 13.2 mm Hotchkiss MG, Marchamboux near St. Nazaire, F

photo: LvdW


Teilr. 2943 . je 2 Min.


540 800 6 Schuss.
Lib. 272 300  
 Inside one of the anti-tank bunkers 'R 680 SK', Pte. des Espagnol near Brest, F, 07-2002
photo: LvdW


Inside a anti-tank bunker with a 4.7 cm PAK K 36 (t) 'Ron 506 HASE' Isle d'Oleron, F, 08-1995
Sperrf. Havel
 te lr 50 (?)

8 Schuss in 2 min.

  Inside one of the gunbunkers 'R 650 Schartenstand für Geschütze auf Mittlere Sockellafette (120°), Lannilis near Brest, Brittany, F, 06-2001 
 photo: PLL
1 Kampfsaß=7 Schuss in 1 Min.
 Sperrfeuer=15 Schuss in Min.

Inside the gunroom: fire means 7 shells every minute, barrage means 15 shells every 2 minutes.

Inside one of the gunbunkers 4*75 mm, Batterie Saint Gildas, Pnt. Saint Gildas near St. Nazaire, F, 08-2001
Sperrfeuer 'Unftrut'
u. Gr. R. 75 mg 7400
2 Kampfsätze in 2 Min -12 ?
Inside a gunbunker, Brittany, F

photo: DP

Sperrfeuer / K.w.K.
 ? großer Fels.Mole./800
Boot Felsen / 2400
 Feuer ? = 16 Schüss

Inside a anti-tank gun-bunker 'R 667 Kleinst-Schartenstand für 5 cm KwK', coverig the entrance of the Etel river near Lorient, Brittany, F, 07-2001

photo: PLL

...feuerraum: Steinbruch
      Inside gunbunker, Brittany, F        

photo: DP

Schwenkbereich   1 Kampfsatz = ... Schuβ
rechts    180 wg.   in 1 Minute
  1 Sperrfeuer:
links    1200 mr.   2 Kampfsätze = ... Schuβ
  in 2 Minuten
Inside a gunbunker R-669, Landfront St. Nazaire, F

photo: CMAW

1 Kampfsatz= 8 Schuss

in 1 Minute

1 Sperrfeuer 16    "
2 Kampfsätzen in 2 minuten

Inside a gunbunker, Brittany, F

photo's: DP


Nach links 700 mr.
Nach rechts     765 wg.
the rate of fire and the angle of fire to the right and left of the gun


440 10
KwK. 430 10
Boje 1100 2
?    2880 77
Tot. Sch. 4800 .5

KwK means 'KampwagenKanone', Boje means 'Buoy'. Maybe the distance to a landmark? But the rest?

Inside a gunbunker 'R 612 Schartenstand fűr Lande- und Sturmabwehr- geschűtze ohne Nebenräume', Batt. Waldam, Pas de Calais, F, 07-2002