Instructions: Shell tally's.

overview of all grenades ever fired against England from the Turm 2 of the Todt battery, some details below

Inside Turm 2, Todt battery, Pas de Calais, F, 05-2003

photo's: AvB

the dates and number of grenades to the left:

21.3. І І І І І І І І

Turm II hat

Es flogen gegen Engeland
'Scorecard' on a shell-tally, once indicating the number of grenades fired from the Caesar gun-bunker (Lindemann Battery), Pas de Calais, Dover sea front, GB  

photo: JM

Es flogen gegen Engeland
Shell-tally remaining from the Lindemann battery (or a replica?) inside the museum bunker of the Todt battery

photo: ML