Instructions: 'Feind hört mit', the enemy is listening...

Feind hört mit!
Take care! The enemy listens in! The slogan was widely used, on posters, close to the telephone, in radio rooms...

Inside a bunker somewhere in The Netherlands

photo: hbp

..above the bunkertelephone.
Feind hört mit

Inside a Jägerstand and a R632, St.Pt. Rotenstein', Vazon Bay, Guernsey, C.I., GB

photo's: SP

Achtung Feind hört mit
Feind hört mit

Inside a dressing station, Sanitätsbunker 374, Simonskall (Westwall), D, 02-2004

Inside an unknown bunkertype, Beaufort (Westwall), Lux.

photo: GA

Feind hört mit.

Achtung !

Feind hört mit !

Inside a bunker R23, Falscheid, D

photo: ER

Inside the Leitstand of 'Marineküstenbatterie Lothringen' 4*15 cm.   Noirmont Point, Jersey, GB, 05-1997 
..incl. a telephone
Feind hört mit
Inside a commandbunker, St.Pt. XXXVIIH, Wassenaar, NL, 07-2001
Inside a small cable bunker Nz 132 near St. Nazaire, F, 05-2005

photo: JFL other great example! and what about this one?
Inside a commandbunker, R610 Battle HQ for strengthened company', St. Pt. Agger-Dorf, DK  

photo: MS