Numbering: identification by means of the classification of the bunker.
St . It means Ständig (bombproof) and was unsually painted next or above the entrance. The text seems to be typical AW after 1942. The roof and walls had a minimum thickness of 2.0 m. Also some traces of camouflage in the  entrance.

Twin-group bunker 'R 502 Doppel gruppenunterstand' in the 'Bataillons gefechtsstand (H.Q.) of the Stp.Gr.,'Stp.Gr'. Schouwen, Slotbos, Haamstede, NL, 01-2001

unusual capital for the 't'
Outside of one of the bunkers M.K.B. "Vogelsberg", San Salvadour close to Hyères, Südwall, F

photo: FX

St on an unusual place: above the gun on the 'Todt-front'

On an ammunition bunker, R 607, HKB Hirtshals, DK

photo: TH

On a gunbunker M-170, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004

St text and unusual gas text was found near the right entrance. Even traces of camouflage paint can be seen!


On a V-143 'Mammuthstand', Wn 63 Mam. Ger. Wijk am See, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 01-2005

photo's: RB



a mistake caused by foreign troops who did not manage the German language that well and thus giving the wrong spelling of the word Fernschreibstelle to the French painter?

Entrance to a command post R 117 Stp. 312 Berlin, V.B. Gironde-Sud, Soulac, F, 08-2002

right photo: AvB

why the extra and somewhat crude directional sign? 

Next to the close combat defence of a HQ bunker R-610, Oostvoorne, NL, 03-2005

On one of the bunkers Ro 252 Catalina near La Rochelle, F

photo: JFL

a very small one to the left and one to the right on a bunker that was not 'Ständig'. The walls of 668 are 1,5 m...

On a commandbunker R 610 (left) and a small group bunker R 668, HKB la Tamarissière, Stp.Gr. Agde, F, 07-2004

photo's: AvB

St sign painted on the wall, even a name Bum? can be read inside the bunker

On an anti-tank bunker R 505, Wn Lo 32 Couregan near Lorient, F

photo's: JFL

 very nice sort of layered example


what a nice blue colour!


On an unknown bunker type near Magouero, Brittany, F

photo: JFL

In light reflecting paint painted in the entrance of R 608 located in a wood, that's the reason of the light reflecting paint? R 608, Silkeborg, N

photo: EE


one of the best kept I have even seen!


Next to the entrance to a radio bunker 'L 484', 'W.N.' 316 LH, 'Stp.Gr.' Schouwen near Haamstede, NL, 07-2002

Next to the entrance of an ammunition bunker Fl 246, MSB 'Westduin', 'Stp.Gr', Scheveningen, Den Haag, NL, 08-2002



Above the entrance to a groupbunker R 622 Btt 'Barbara', Stp. Gr. Bayonne, Bayonne, F, 08-2002

Next to the lop-hole of the entrance defence Fl 250, St. Marc, F, 08-2002

photo: LvdW

Outside pf a Vf, Mo 81, Pen al Lan, Carantec, Brittany, F, 04-1987

photo: OD

Entrance to a FLAK bunker, Morlaix, Brittany, F, 11-2001

photo: PLL

Entrance to a 'R 502 Doppelgruppenunterstand', Goeree, NL, 03-2002

photo: AvB


Above the entrance of a small bunker, Marine Flak Batterie Fiemel, 4./256 Termunten, Groningen NL

photo's: KvB

but also inside:        

Very sharp!

Inside a Vf (!!) bunker, Wijk aan Zee, Festung IJmuiden, 06-2006

photo: LJdV

Inside a groupbunker R-502, Wn 51H,  's Gravenzande, Landfront Festung Hoek van Holland, 11-2004 
Inside a groupbunker M 151, Wn 63 Wijk aan Zee, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 07-2005

photo: LJdV

Inside to 'magma bunker' from the camouflage-concrete page

photo: EE

Here are some examples of the 'St' text on the inside of several bunkers on different complexes, Oostvoorne, NL, 03-2002/5
including the numbers 5856 and 5857

Inside a groupbunker R-635 and an MG bunker R-644, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004


inside a searchlight bunker 'L 411 Werferstand fűr 60 cm Scheinwerfer', Rømø, DK     

photo: JP

Inside a AA bunker 'Fl 243 Schwere Flakstellung, Frederikshavn, DK

photo: MS

an arrow and tle L sign
On one of the bunkers Batt. Des Couplets near Cherbourg, F

photo: AT


Leicht / Light, so not bomb-proof

On a Vf bunker, Fanoe, DK

photo: TH

Inside the entrance to a groupshelter 'V.F. 52 a', Verstärkt Feldmaßig, so not bomb proof, H.Q 'Generalkommando 89'th Armeekorps', park De Brandt, Antwerp, B, 06-2001


And a well preserved 'L'; H.K.B. 23/978 Marka, N

photo: EE

inside a 'Wellblech', Nymindegab, DK, 08-2003

photo: AvB

an other one in a perfect Wellblech


SPlittersicher Luftwaffe (?)

Inside one of the gunbunkers H.K.B. Kvala, N

photo: EE

Entrance to a shelter near the former German mil. airport, 'Stp.Gr'. Schouwen, Haamstede, NL, 01-2001