Numbering: The sector southern part of the Netherlands, Belgium and the northern part of France.

A.O.K. 15: Armee Ober Kommando 15 Army:
This sector of the Atlantikwall from the isle of Walcheren in the Netherlands southwards till the mouth of the river Seine in France was the responsibility of the 15 th Army, H.Q. was in Tourcoing, France. Visit this website for more info.
The part situated in The Netherlands and Belgium was defended by the 89 th Armycorps, H.Q. Antwerp, Belgium. Numbering in this sector was usually very correct.
The north of France by the: 82 nd Armycorps (HQ in Aire-sur-la-Lys), 67 th Armycorps (HQ in Naours) and the 81 st Armycorps (HQ in Canteleu).
Section A1: 165 'th Infantry Division, HQ in Middelburg.
sub sections: Vlissingen
Vliss-west = Vlissingen West
Vliss-ost = Vlissingen East


01 -  4


02 - 18

In the entrance to an ammunitionbunker R 134s adapted to a small-lazarett, 'W.N. Carmen', Landfront 'V.B. Vlissingen', NL, 1982

photo: LvdW

Inside a groupbunker R 622, Seezielbatterie Knorr/Dishoek, Stp. Fidelio, Vlissingen, 06-2006

photo: LJdV


011 - 91



In the entrance to an observationpost R 143, 'W.N. Leuchtenburg', 'V.B. Vlissingen', NL

photo: LvdW

In the entrance to an machinegun-bunker R 630, 'Landfront V.B. Vlissingen', NL

photo: LvdW



Inside two groupbunker, R-502, Ritthem near Vlissingen, NL, 05-2004

photo's: JG


021 - 174

  'V.B.' Vlissingen, Nr. Widerstandskern and bunker number incl. some traces of camouflage

In the entrance to anti-tank bunker 'R 625 Schartenstand für 7.5 cm Pak 40 Landfront 'V.B. Vlissingen', NL, 05-2001

right photo: LvdW





In the entrance to a groupbunker R 622, 'W.N. Brünhild', Park Toorenvliedt, Middelburg, NL

photo: LvdW

Inside a switch-board bunker, R-616,  Westkapelle, NL

photo: LvdW

Section A2: 712 'nd Infantry Division, HQ in Oostburg.
sub sections: Breskens
Kno-ost = Knokke East
Kno-west = Knokke West
Breskens 01 I
45 633
A.O.K. 15th army, K.V.A. A2, Generalkommando Schelde, Stützpunktgruppe Breskens, Nr. Widerstandskern: 01, Bunker nr: 45, Regelbau nr.: 633
Entrance to a mortar bunker 'R 633 Stand für M19', 'Stützpunktgruppe (Stp.Gr.) Breskens', NL, 10-1989. Number 63 renumbered to 45.

  Breskens 01 I

34 630

In the entrance to machinegun bunker 'R 630 MG Schartenstand mit Panzerplatte', 'Stp.Gr. Breskens', NL, 06-2001. Number 52 renumbered to 34.

  Breskens 06
134 64

'Stp. Groede' near Breskens, NL, 06-2001. The complete complex was a small zoo but now turned into an educational site. Number 82 and 87 renumbered to 64 and 69.

Breskens 06
69 501
Breskens 06
Top right: : Breskens 06 69 in a R 134, the number 501 is not correct!
This bunker was renumbered from 87 to 69!  Top left: Breskens 06 64 in a R 134.Left: Breskens 06 84 inside a R 134.
All bunkers in the Stp.Gr. Breskens were renumbered for unknown reasons. This is also called the "rule of 18", so old number minus 18 = the new number. Exeption is the Breskens 06 84, this number is probably repainted after the war where 66-18=48 in stead of 84.
The numbers 65 (ex 83) in a R 501 and 68 in a R 134 of the same complex, 11-2011
Antwerpen 01
287/8    SK 1
Inside the entrance to the 'S.K.1 and 2' H.Q 'Generalkommando 89'th Armeekorps', park De Brandt, Antwerp, B, 06-2001
Section A3: 48 'th Infantry Division, HQ in Ostende.
sub sections: Ostende
Ost-w = Ostende West


011 - 217

Stp.Gr. Ostende-West, St.Pt. 011 bunkernr. 217

Inside a commandbunker R 117a, Stp. Puma, Middelkerke, B, 06-2007

photo: TC


049 - 358

Stp.Gr. Ostende-West, St.Pt. 049 bunkernr. 358

049 - 361

Inside R 611, Stp. Schlieffen, Adinkerke near Ostende, B

photo: PH

Inside a second R 611 of the same complex

photo: DM

049 - 361
the same number as the second 611! Note that the last 2 is thicker than the other numbers! Corrected?
Haus  K Z



Stützpunkt Schlieffen
Haus Kenn Ziffer 272
Stützpunkt Schlieffen
House nr. 272
defence erea?
strongpoint Schlieffen
Inside the R 610 command bunker of the same complex, 03-2007

Inside the first R 611


Inside a L421A commandbunker for Flak and a R 656 groupbunker, Pz. Stp, Hafen Ostende, B, 03-2007






Inside a groupbunker 'R 502 Doppelgruppenunterstand', St. Pt. Bamberg, B

photo: BK

Inside a VF ('Leicht') toilet-bunker, M.K.B. Saltzwedel neu, Raversijde near Oostende, B, 04-2002

photo: LvdW

Section B: 18 'th Luftwaffe Felddivision, HQ in Dunkirk.
Section C: 47 'th Infantry Division, HQ in Fiennes.
sub sections: Calais
Cap Gris-Nez
Inside a groupbunker and ammunitionbunker R 502 and R 134, Stp. Blei, Meulhouck, F, 2003

MB 6, just a telephone number? Mannschafsbunker 6?

48 / 39

the typical Boulogne way of numbering!

Inside a groupbunker R 621, Stp. Eduard near Dunkerque, F, 10-2003

photo: DP

Inside a MG bunker R 630, Stp. Mt. St. Frieux near Boulogne, F, 04-2004



Inside search-light bunkers L 430 A (left) and a L 411, Wn Veilchen near Boulogne, F. 04-2005


3 comp/316 batt marine engineers


On a light bunker and a machinegun bunker R 630, Stp. Franzosenkraut, Mont Lambert near Boulogne, F. 12-2005



Inside gun bunker R 671, Stp. Pechnelke MKB Flugplatz, near Boulogne, F. 08-2005

70 / 240

Inside gun bunker R 611, Stp. Ginster, Herquelingue near Boulogne, F. 08-2005

Section D1: 49 'th Infantry Division, HQ in Montreuil.
Section D2: 334 'th Infantry Division, HQ in Colline-Beaumont.
Section E1: 348 'th Infantry Division, HQ in Friville-Escarbotin.
sub sections: Ca = Cayeux
Tre = Le Treport

Ca. 03-357

On a shelter R 668, Cayeux-Brighton, F, 1997, update 2010, great camoufalge!

left photo: SD

Ca 017-443

Tre 08 - 314

On a HQ bunker R 608, Friville, Pas de Calais, F,

photo: BK

On a machinegunbunker R 630, Stp. Tre 08, Le Tréport near Dieppe, F

photo: LvdW

Section E2: 245 'th Infantry Division, HQ in St-Vaast d'Equiqueville.
sub sections: Pen = Penly
Die = Dieppe
Marg = Ste Marguerite
Va = St Valery-en-Caux

Die 06 - 378

Die. 010-564

On an ammunition-bunker 'R 134 Munitionsunterstand I', 'Stp. Die 06', Dieppe, F     

photo: LvdW

On a MG bunker R 630, Dieppe-Mont Robin, F, 1996

photo: SD


On a groupbunker R 501, Veulettes-sur-Mer, F, 1999

photo: SD

Section F: 17 'th Luftwaffe Feld Division, HQ in Auberville-la-Renault.
Section G: 711 'th Infantry Division, HQ in Vauville.
sub sections: Trou = Trouville
Vill = Villers-sur-Mer
Cab = Cabourg

Vill 016 - 409

Vill 017 - 462

On a groupbunker R 501SK, Blonville-sur-Mer, F, 2000

photo: SD

Inside a bunker region Villers-sur-Mer, F

photo: BD