Numbering: The sector in the Netherlands minus the southern part.

W.B.N.: Wehrmachts Befehlshaber in den Niederlanden:
This sector of the Atlantikwall north of the isle of Walcheren all the way to the border of Germany in the north of the Netherlands was the responsibility of the 'Wehrmachts Befehlshaber in den Niederlanden', H.Q. Hilversum. Mark the different ways in numbering in the various sectors of the Atlantikwall, complexes from north to south.


this is the Bau nr. of the bunker
Inside a Vf bunker, Marine-Flakbatterie Den Hoorn, St.Gr. Texel, NL, 05-2005
Inside a groupbunker 'R 502 Doppelgruppen unterstand', Wn 95, Landfront Festung IJmuiden, 2003

photo: LJdV



Inside a Vf bunker, Wijk aan Zee, Festung IJmuiden, 06-2006

photo: LJdV

Inside Vf groupbunker, Wijk-aan-Zee, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 05-2005


5655 B

Inside a groupbunker M 151, Wn 63 Wijk aan Zee, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 07-2005

photo: LJdV

Inside a groupbunker M 151, Wn 63 Wijk aan Zee, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 07-2005

photo: LJdV

5655 C


Inside Vf groupbunker, M-151, Wijk-aan-Zee, Festung IJmuiden, NL

photo: HBP

Inside an ammunition bunker Fl 246 Batt. Olmen, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 2006

photo: LJdV



 Inside a groupbunker R-501, Bp 84, Festung IJmuiden, NL, 2010
Inside a groupbunker R-621, Bp 84,  Festung IJmuiden, NL, 2010 



Inside a group bunker R-635, Kernwerk Festung IJmuiden, NL, 12-2004

Inside a bunker of a complex in Zandvoort, NL




Inside a groupbunker M 151, Wn 142 Seezielbatterie Langerak, NL, 07-2005

photo: LJdV

Inside a S449 Peilstand, Bloemendaal aan Zee, NL, 04-2005 

photo: LJdV



Inside a Küver bunker, Bloemendaal aan Zee, NL

photo: ES


At the entrance to observationpost, Stp. XXXVIIH, Wassenaar, NL, 07-2001

Entrance to an anti-tank bunker 'R 625 Schartenstand für 7.5 cm Pak', 'Stp.Gr. Scheveningen', Den Haag, NL, 05-2001


Baupunkt 237, Baunumber  8734

the old EH and new numbering combined, even the type of bunker indicated! rare!


Inside a groupbunker R 621, Wn 31 M, Festung Hoek van Holland, NL, 01-2009

photo: BBF
EM (sector E, Kriegsmarine) All bunkers were re-numbered with red paint but with the same numbers



Inside some groupbunkers Festung Hoek van Holland, NL, 10-2003/11-2004

photo: AvB photo: AvB  

again the switch between the old EM/EH and new numbers

8702 E.H. 499 



Inside a groupbunker R-501, Wn 53H, 's Gravenzande, Landfront  Festung Hoek van Holland, 11-2004 



very sharp!

Inside a groupbunker R-502, Wn 51H,  's Gravenzande, Landfront Festung Hoek van Holland, 11-2004 


mark the post war +4,60 (?) indicated 3 times!


Inside bunker R-676 Wn 51H and a R-667c Wn 43H, Festung Hoek van Holland, 11-2004 


Inside an ammunition bunker R 134, Wn 46 H, Festung Hoek van Holland, NL, 06-2006


type 621, baupunkt 98, bunker 01

Entrance to a groupbunker 'R 621 Gruppenunterstand', 'Stp.Gr. Moerdijk', NL, 05-2002

photo: AvB

Some more examples from different complexes around Oostvoorne, NL, 03-2002, 03-2005, 05-2012

photo's: AvB and author

the number was not always on a white background, these numbers were just painted onto the wall directly

 The Dutch coast from north to south was divided in the sectors A, B, C, D and E being the first letter of the code. The bunkers in Hoek van Holland and Oostvoorne all have the E numbers. H stands for Heer (L=Luftwaffe, M=Kriegsmarine). This system seems to originate from the 'Neue Westwall' period, after which during the construction of the AW St program the Heer and Kriegsmarine used the new system, the Luftwaffe seemed to continue with the old numbering.

Inside some bunkers, R-501 and R-622, Wn 104 H 'Heesterhof', Stp. Gr. Oostvoorne, NL, 11-2002. The 'T' stands for Type. This addition can only be found on this complex.

 5803 photo AvB


Numbers inside several Tobruks on the same complex, 03-2005



K.V.A Dordrecht', Stützpunktgruppe Schouwen, Nr.'Widerstandskern' or 'Baupunkt' 329, bunker nr. 05, type R 502


SPlittersicher Luftwaffe (?) 5

Entrance to a twin group bunker R 502 Stp.Gr. Schouwen, Slotbos, Haamstede, NL, 01-2001

Inside a shelter near the former German mil. airport, Stp.Gr. Schouwen, Haamstede, NL

photo: HA

F.L. = FLAK 32

FL 106


rather unusual way of numbering, it's in the same baupunkt as the picture below

Inside a Vf bunker on a former German airfield somewhere on the AW in the Netherlands, 03-2003

photo's: PA

In the entrance to a R 501, 'Wn' 316 LH, Stp.Gr. Schouwen near Haamstede, NL, 07-2002

baupunkt 337, bunker 12, type L 484

In the entrance to a radio bunker L 484 'W.N.' 316 LH, Stp.Gr. Schouwen near Haamstede, NL, 07-2002

Inside a R-638 small dressing station, Stp.Gr. Schouwen, Haamstede, NL 

photo: HA