Specials - The Garrison

The Garrison

Beautiful fresco's coming from the 'Hospice Monverand' in St.-Marie-du-Mont which was used as a garrison building by the Germans. From D-day on till November 1th it was used by the American troops as an HQ for the Utah beach sector.
The small village is located just inland from Utah beach, Normandy, F. All are dated 1942, the artist is not known, pictures taken 06-2004/9.

a 4-man military band playing

Drei Musketiere: 3 soldiers marching along each holding a large glass of beer!

Erinnerungen: 4 of the Garrison's officers together, 25-10-1942.

Original traffic sign to the Ortskommandantur.


Lilli Marleen: in both the German and Allied camp the most pupulair soldier's song of the era ... Wie einst ... Lilli-Marleen ...

Underneath the lantern by the barrack gate, Darling I remember the way you used to wait. 'Twas there you whispered tenderly, That you loved me, You'd always be My Lilli of the lamplight, My own Lilli Marlene...

Vor der Kaserne, vor dem grossen Tor, Stand eine Laterne und steht sie noch davor. So wollen wir uns wiedersehn, Bei der Laterne wolln wir stehn, Wie einst Lilli Marleen, wie einst Lilli Marleen...click here to listen
Charakter und an Iron Cross in the background
Leistung besti
-men den Weg
des Soldaten
e o


a waiter bringing a bottle of wine.

Original German road sign.

Wacht am Kanal: a local version of the 'Wacht am Rhein', isle St Marcouf in the back-ground

These two paintings once hang inside the 'Ortskommandantur': Heinz Guderian (?) and Eva Braun (?), painters unknown. These paintings are not on display!