Specials  - The drivers' bunker

The drivers' bunker.

Really unique BunkerArt from the driver's bunker ('Fahrerbunker') close to Adolf Hitler's own bunker ('Führerbunker') in Berlin, Germany. Pictures taken 1988.

pictures thanks to Mr. Harry von Gebhardt ©

 The medieval and in a way romantic view of the world in line with the propaganda of the Third Reich. The SS-man as a knight with his SS-shield guarding the women and children from all evil while the farmer is working the land producing food for the Reich.

  The party watches over the people, a symbolic soldier with two shields watches over a resting woman or goddess

 Four SS-men standing guard, the German eagle and the monogram AH (Adolf Hitler) in the middle

The ideal German woman in the Third Reich: fertile and bearing a lot of children...

 While the men were drinking beer as comrades, in between battle of course...

 A close up of SS-Gruppenführer (General) Sepp Dietrich, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

Again a nice example of the propaganda of the Third Reich: the men are exercising to be prepared for battle, the women are admiring them!

 And when they are done exercising: The army awaits them to serve the Third Reich! Again a woman is standing behind the tree