Specials - A special complex

A special complex on the Atlantikwall somewhere in The Netherlands:

Great examples of well preserved BunkerArt:

Pictures by AvB and author

perfectly preserved entrance, staircase including skirting-board. Mark the yellow line ... and face ...

even the wall finishes are nicely preserved ...

Including the incorrect spelled word 'roten' which should be 'rotem'. Mistake by a Dutch painter?

The silhouette of the Rathaus in Breslau (former capitol of Niederschlesien, now Wroclaw, Poland, left), the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin (top) and the silhouette of Cologne to the right).

RIP: it makes me furious and sad at the same time, again a precious piece of WW2 heritage lost for ever ... thanks guys!

situation March 2005 ...


Tadeln nie die Taten der Soldaten  Don't ever judge the things soldiers do Der ist fürwahr ein armer Mann,
 Männer die da kämpfen sollen,  men who must fight,  der nicht auch fröhlich feiern kann.
 müssen haben was sie wollen,  must get what they want,  The man who can not also party
 Lasst sie trinken, lasst sie küssen,  let them drink, let them kiss,

now and then is a poor man

 wer weiss wie bald sie sterben müssen.  who knows when they must die?  
  In 1947 as a reaction to the slogan someone wrote beneath it: Geht, und sieht in Berlin. Go and see Berlin, and: A. Zillig, 21-6-1947.

specials3vf2.jpg (38812 bytes)

details: did one of the soldiers had a local honey? Soldiers drinking beer and a flag.

We scratched away some white paint and this is what we found: A German drawing of a shield, this  is the 'Englandblitz' and a lot of slogans!

Complete shield to the left, further details to the right.

This was the crest of the 'Luftnachrichtentruppe', the large one 7./LN Rgt. 211, a unit belonging to the 'Nachtjagdgeschwader 1' and at the time present in the complex. The same crest can be seen to the right on a tile from 1941. The small one belonged to the LN Rgt. 211.

If anyone can come up with more info on this tile please contact: Wim Govaerts from Belgium.

Next to the shield we found this slogan:

Nie feige sein !

Don't ever be a coward!

a German Luftwaffe eagle and a slogan on the opposite wall

Nicht ich, Wir !

Not I, we!

some more post-war BunkerArt ... General von Paulus ... Stalingrad ... 6th Army .... German defeat in the east...

met de
rotte moffen!
down with the Krauts!
Rina, Henk, Agaath, Lex Renell