Specials - Batt. Oldenburg 

Batterie Oldenburg, 2*24 cm.

Hoverport near Calais, Pas de Calais, F

Inside the 'West-Turm': photo's by: AvB and author 1998, 2002 and 2012

Widerstände sind nicht da, daß man von ihnen

kapituliert, sondern daß man Sie bricht! - Adolf Hitler

Wenn nur der Mut taugt

versagen die Waffen nicht! - Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Wer nichts wagt,
der darf nichts hoffen! - Friedrich Schiller
Difficulties are not there to surrender to, but to defeat them! If spirits are high the weapons will not fail! Who never dares will never win!
Typical German slogans by Adolf Hitler and other German philosophers from the era!

Hart wie Kruppstahl!

Zäh wie Leder!

Flink wie die Windhunde!

Hard as Krupp's steel, Tough as leather, Swift as a greyhound!
In unseren Augen, da muss der deutsche Junge der Zukunft schlank und rank sein, flink wie Windhunde, zäh wie Leder und hart wie Kruppstahl - Part of a speech by Adolf Hitler in front of 54.000 "Hitlerjungen" in Nürnberg, 14 September 1935.
Storage for the barrel cleaning rod
Degassing device
 Left: a shield with the German national colours (black-white-red) and a nowadays unreadable slogan.
Right: Information on the anti-rust treatment and painting scheme done by a company with high quality standards: the Kirsch firm from Trier.
Painter L. Kirsch is still in business today: see this link:
Place for the "Minimax", the fire extinguisher: A company which makes fire-extinguishers... and is still in business taday: click-here.  the Spitztuete, compare it to the small drawing to the right of the name Minimax
Inside the 'Ost-Turm':
Without the graffiti, photo: nn

Geschütz Borkum

Both guns were in a coastal battery on the island of Borkum untill 1939. They were moved in July 1940 to the Calais area, by September the guns were in open emplacements after which the construction of the bunkers started.
Ansetzer - Rohrwischer
Storage for the barrel cleaning rod
1998 1998
The shield with the German national colours (black-white-red) again and he flying grenade (shield of the Kriegmarine-Artilllery), faded in 2012...
instructionsgeneralpaintertodtost.jpg (41720 bytes)
Notlampe stehen lassen
Written (in chalk!) late in the war or post war?
"MINE, S" Kugel 300"
Rauchen verboten
The fields of fire ofthe two bunkers (?) and the ammunition stock.
Pz. Gr. 2,6(?) 80 St.
Spr. Gr . 4,2 (?) 60 St.
Spr. Gr. ... 40 St.
The bunkers are full of small texts. Füllleitung and various other texts. Are these texts from the 'demining' days, so post-war? But nevertheless unique!
Leitstand: it also served as a hospital
Streng verboten!
A rather mistic but unique freso in a very unusual style... authentic? To the left a sort of summerhouse on the beach in the form of a 'Leitstand', in the middle a wooden board-walk in perspective and to the right an advertising pillar with a lake and some birds?