Specials - Sketches and gnomes...

Sketches and gnomes...

Thanks to BN I can let you share some great sketches and 'gnome wall-paper' with me.
All were taken inside several small Vf - personnel or office bunkers somewhere on the Atlantikwall in Holland. All bunkers are well locked up and inaccessible ... except for bats!

Bunker 1

specialpage715.jpg (31370 bytes)

a woman laying down and several elderly people

the Luftwaffe eagle

some figures looking like Greek gods: a running lady poring water out of a jar, a face

a woman looking up

Bunker 2: "the gnome bunker..."

a fairy-tale world inside a bunker...

Bunker 3

Wir lassen uns durch
einen Anschiss nicht
aus der Ruhe bringen
denken immer nur an den Wahlspruch

des Götz von Berlichingen

... this saying was "Kiss my arse". GvB was a famous German knight (1480-1560). In the siege of Landshut (1505) he lost his right hand (that explanes the symbol of the 17th SS-Div.) The legend goes that he told the bishop of Bamberg: 'Hinten Zu! Hintenzu, da magst du mich hinten lecken!'. It inspired Goethe to write the GvB play, 1773. 



love birds, a war ship

Bunker 4: Great and very well preserved BunkerArt!

Wovon kann der Landser denn träumen!

..a cosy life! The fond is the socalled 'Sütterlin'.

singing and making music together

a gun practice cartoon

Bunker 5

just one picture...a phantom from the past...

A pin-up still looking great, but for ever frozen in the forties ... great!