Specials - Batt. Todt

Great BunkerArt could be found inside Turm IV of the 'Batterie Todt', Cap Gris Nez, F.

Some of them were painted during the shooting of the film 'Fortitude' in 1994. The originals are indicated #, the fake one's ®.

Perhaps the most well-known pieces of BunkerArt could be found inside Turm 4 of the Batt. Todt. Nowadays all has been destroyed by 'Graffity Artists' and lost forever... Fortunally I took pictures 07-1998, at that time the fresco's and slogans were still untouched other than by time... special thanks to RdG for the recent photo's!
As a start a couple of fresco's where the British prime minister during the war sir Winston Churchill was the direct subject:


  " Die Zukunft


sieht plotzlich
    so grau aus


    ...!"  #

Suddenly the future looks very grey and misty ... general fog!

King George VI of England is smiling and directing Winston Chruchill (of course smoking a sigar) where to look as he scans the horizon in search of a friend like general fog. Churchill is looking for an friend like general winter on the eastern front who stopped German troops just 50km from the centre of Moscow...
Winston Churchill is crying... holding a sign that says: England + Russland = Sieg. So England and Russia together will not win!
Winston Churchill, how much longer? 
with a cartoon of a very sweatty Winston Chruchill awating defeat... 
  Wer frech ist, der muss
  leiden, nun musst du
  erdulden, was du
  hast verschulden!' #

W.C.:  The one being impudent has to suffer, now you will have to bear your debts.

Sieg ------- S.O.S. 
 Winston Chruchill looking glad (Sieg, Victory) and sad (S.O.S., help) #. He tells his people that victory awaits, but in fact he is loosing the war...

'.....gegen Engeland' #

...versus England

Engeland and not England comes from Das Engelandlied ... click here to listen
"Denn wir fahren, denn wir fahren,
Denn wir fahren gegen Engeland, Engeland"
Situation 2009 on the right... thanks guys!
The fresco shows us a lot of details:  all 3 element of the German Wehrmacht contribute to the defeat of England.

Der Gott der Eisen wachsen liess,

 der wollte keine Knechte! #

Der Gott, der Eisen wachsen ließ, der wollte keine Knechte;
Drum gab er Säbel, Schwert und Spieß dem Mann in seine Rechte;
Drum gab er ihm den kühnen Mut, den Zorn der freien Rede,
Daß er bestände bis aufs Blut, bis in den Tod die Fehde (Ernst Moritz Arndt)

this text was already used during the Great War, photo: ML 

Einer muss zerbrechen und das wird niemals Deutschland sein #

One of us has to break down and it will never be Germany! The language of The Third Reich ...  

Also see this link: Lingua Tertii Imperii 
Situation 2009 on the right... thanks guys!
Opfer schufen Groβdeutschland 
durch Opfer wird es ewig sein ® 

Sacrifices made Germany big, it will be eternal trough sacrifice.

a banner with a swastika and two iron crosses ®

Inside Turm 1 (the museum) and 2:

Gegen England

photo l/r: WG/AvB

In Einigkeit mit Emsigkeit In unity with zeal
zum Kampfe für Gerechtigkeit to fight for righteousness
wuchst du empor dem Feind zum Trotz you grew up in defiance of the enemy  
Deutsche Wehr für Deutschlands Nutz!  # German's Force for Germany's use

 photo: SD

The N.S. symbol with the eagle and the swastika painted on several inner-walls  ®  
the light switch ®, the genuine light switch and 'Entluftung" inside Turm I (the museum) and in Turm 2

photo's: SD/AvB

Rostschützfarbe Standofix V.K.
Wandfarbe: Betonfarbe
Lieferfirma: Dr. K.Herberts
Mahlerfirma: W.Knop Dortmund
Art der Entrostung: Sandstrahl
Ausgef. Oktober 1940

Construction details inside the SK behind Turm 4

photo: C

Dr. Kurt Herberts & Co was based in Wuppertal and  seemed to be the regular supplier of paint! The company is still in business today!  Standofix is a registered trademark of this firm!

yellow and green on the inner walls of gun bunker nr. IV

photo: SD

3 / 316

Nice number above the entrance to the same bunker

photo: Lvdw