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The unknown department:

does anyone have an idea?

... agen
... ettes
... sible

In the south main entry to the U-boat bunker St. Nazaire, F

photo: W

... dem zuteil der Standhaften ...
und ... niemals ... (?)

Inside a anti-tank gun bunker R 505, Portzic near Brest, F

photo's: DT

...zl..g 3000

At the entrance to an open gun emplacement, Batt. Kora-Karola, Ro 425, Ile de Ré, F

photo: JFL

On one of the gun bunkers, Batt. Hamburg, Fermanville near Cherbourg, F

photo: FC


Inside a Vf bunker, Gi 07, F

photo: JFL



W.G. 9.4 - 24-4-46 lager Teteghem ?

In entrance to a machine- gunbunker R-630, Dönitz's H.Q., Kernevel, Lorient, F, 07-2004

Inside a groupbunker R 622, St.Pt. Biet near Uxem. Pas de Calais, F, 06-2003

        almost faded traces of a magazine from the fourties? Authentic?

on a door in a 'R 613 ArtillerieBeobachtungsstand mit Pz. Turm', Motte au Vent, Pas de Calais, F, 05-2003

photo's: AvB

Pi. Z.

on a block of concrete, Quineville, Normandy, F

photo's: SD

Is this a sign indicating a toilet or abort?

3 T 3?

Radarstation Fliege, F

photo: BK

 Inside a measuring post 'R 637 Meßstelle fűr Heereskűstenbatterien', Wissant, Pas de Calais, F, 05-2003

photo: AvB

what was one's fixed to these walls that left, after painting the walls, such strange lines?

inside the NCO's room of a 'M 151 Mannschaftsunterstand' on the Dutch coast, 04-2003

Trasch? the German equivalent of the hardrock style 'trash'? So, modern?In these tunnels there were a lot of short texts written by French soldiers in the 30 ties. But this large text?

3 T V 3

Inside an tunnel on Cézembre, St. Malo, Brittany, F, 08-1990

photo: PLL

Inside a Vf bunker, Les Hemmes d'Oye, Pas-de-Calais, F, 1997

photo: SD

The morse-code means PLO, LO or Lorient, but the P? and the circled 3?

Inside a bunker, Etel near Lorient, Brittany, 07-2001

photo: PLL


Inside the ammo-storage of a Vf FLAK basement, M.Fl.B. 'Nordmole', 'Festung Hoek van Holland', NL, 03-2002

photo's: AvB


Kurz and Weit?



3 4
27 33 25 36


FolterKammer .IX.

Torture room 9?