Specials - Spg. Scheveningen

Stützpunkt(-gruppe) Clingendaal - Scheveningen, Den Haag, NL.

All bunkers are covered up and inaccessible nowadays, so all pictures offer a unique look into bunkers that most of the time have been closed for a long time ... special thanks to BBF for the pictures 2003-2004.
Bp 210: MSB Scheveningen Nord Bp 220/222: Wn 66HM and 67HL Bp 223: Mammuth Gerät Kijkduin
Bp 226: Batt. Gefechtsstand Bp 228: Führer der Schnellboote Bp 234: Several Regelbauten
Bp 237: along the Landfront Bp 240: Several Regelbauten Miscellaneous